The Worm – Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions:

1. Why should we take care even of small worms?

Ans. We should take care even of small worms because God created them. Lord bestows his love equally on all creatures including the small worm. Hence we must take care of every creature big or small, and never take away a life that we cannot give.

2. What other creations of God are mentioned?

Ans. The Sun, the Moon, the Earth, stars grass blades and humans are all other creations of God.

3. Explain the thought in the last two lines in simple words?

Ans. God has created the little worms. So they have right to live. We have no right to carelessly take away their life which we cannot give back.

Think and answer:

1. Why does the poet appeal to us, to respect the life of worm?

Ans. God created all creatures. He loved all his creatures. All living beings have freedom to live and enjoy life including the small worm. Hence the poet appeals to us, to respect the life of worms.

2. Why do you think God created worms? What is their ecological importance?

Ans. God created worms to conserve energy and boost biodiversity. They restore soil nutrients, improve soil structure and allow water and air to enter soil more freely. So they are ecologically important.

3. ‘Live and let live’ is a famous proverb. Which lines from the poem support this proverb?

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Ans. The lines from the poem which supports the famous proverbs ‘Live and let live are;

Turn, turn thy hasty foot aside,

Nor crush that helpless worm!

Let them enjoy their little day

O do not lightly take away

The life thou canst not give!

4. Does the poem urge us to protect only worms? What is the general message conveyed through this poem?

Ans. The main theme of this poem is that all creatures small or big should be equally respected. All creatures are created by God. Lord bestows his love on all creatures. So, here the poet urges us to protect not only the worms but also all the creatures around us.

5. Whom should we not crush hastily?

Ans. We should not hastily crush worms.

6. Which little creatures in nature teaches valuable lessons?

Ans. Bees, Ants, Spiders and Caterpillars teach us valuable lessons.

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