Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals – Questions and Answers

Nature Created Man and Woman as Equals

Answer the following questions:

1. Make a list of the beautiful natural surroundings of the house.

Ans. The house and its surroundings are a sight of peace in the early morning of April. It nestles by the side of a small stream of crystal-clear water. The stream tumbles down the green mountains only two miles or so away. There is a stretch of hundreds of acres of fertile land rolling with yellow mustard flowers, between the mountain range and the house. There is a garden in front of the house and trees bearing flowers and fruits on all sides of the house.

2. What help did Lanthoi need from her mother?

Ans. Lanthoi was going to represent the Siroj Lily House as a speaker in a symposium of their school. The topic was ‘God Created Man and Women As Equals’ She wanted her mother to spare some time to have a discussion on the topic.

3. What did Lanthoi’s Father work as?

Ans. Lanthoi’s father worked as a lawyer and a social worker, who advocates the cause of women.

4. In what way did Tomba contribute towards Ashanghi’s success?

6. How is the role of a mother honoured and praised?

Ans. Mother is the fountain of love in a family. This bond of love is beyond comparison with anything else in the world. It is because of this that motherhood has been glorified and women accept the challenges in life to become a mother. Thus, the role of a mother is honoured and praised.

7. What are the achievements of modern women?

Ans. Modern women have become mountaineers, naturalists, astronauts, scientists, soldiers and political leaders. This proves that there is nothing a woman cannot do and also that women and men were created as equals. These are the achievements of modern women.

8. What vision meets her eye when Lanthoi rushes outdoors?

Ans. Lanthoi happily rushes out of the room in the bright morning sun. The blue sky meets the range of the eastern mountains. The small girl is always fascinated by the small trail which winds up the distant purple mountain. This beautiful vision met her eyes when Lanthoi rushed outdoors.

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9. What does the vision symbolise?

Ans. The vision symbolizes positive and bright future for Lanthoi and for the women of the country.

Think and answer:

1. Read and write down 5 points which prove that Tomba (lanthoi’s father) family believes in gender equality?

Ans. Tomba was very supportive of the activities of his wife. He advocated the cause of woman. He did not discriminate between a man’s work and a woman’s work anywhere. He shared equally with his wife in doing the household chores like cleaning, washing, cooking and feeding the children. He wholeheartedly believed in equality irrespective of class, religion and gender and in his discussion with his daughter he lamented over the great injustice done to women in the society.

2. In what ways in Ashanghi different from other women of her community? Ans. She is a Journalist. She is a woman’s right activist. In this way Ashanghi is different from other women of her community.

3. What was the sight of peace in the early morning of April?

Ans. The house and its surroundings were the sight of peace in the early morning of April.

4. What was Ashanghi doing when Lanthoi entered the room?

Ans. Ashanghi was in her reading room and was busy writing an article.

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