The Vet | Questions and Answers

Answer the following questions:

1. Why is it so difficult to be a successful vet?

Ans. It is very difficult to be a successful vet because he should have wide knowledge of animals and birds. His patients are different inside. They are not able to speak or voice their problem. They cannot communicate their problem clearly. They have different types of size of organs inside the body. Their pain and agony is different from human beings. They might need emotional or physical support which can be identified by a really skillful vet.

2. What is wrong with ducks and chickens?

Ans. The ducks and chickens are failing to lay eggs.

3. What opposite health problems do the lion and the Arctic fox suffer from?

Ans. The lion caught cold and Artic fox is affected with too much heat.

4. Why does the poet call the vet ‘omniscient’?

Ans. The poet calls the wet ‘omniscient’ because he is expected to know everything about animals. The vet knows about the illness and treatment of all animals so he is called omniscient.

5. What is the poet’s advice to you? Do you think he means it?

Ans. The poet advises us to earn our living in an easier way. It is advisable to treat human beings rather than animals.

6. What does the cat refuse?

Ans. The cat refuses her milk.

7. What has happened to the horse’s coat?

Ans. The horse’s coat is not shining like silk.

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8. What does the Panther’s wife do?

Ans. The panther’s wife chews his ears.

9. What has the camel hurt?

Ans. The camel has hurt his hump.

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