Revathi’s Musical Plants

Answer the following questions:

1. Why did Revathi change the pot’s location?

Ans. Revathi had learnt in the lower classes that plants need light for normal growth. So she changed the pots location to the centre of the courtyard where there was ample sunlight.

2. Name the favourite raga of Revathi?

Ans. Revathi was fond of ‘Mohanam’ raga.

3. What strange thing did Revathi notice about the potted plant?

Ans. One day when Revathi was playing the violin, she noticed a strange movement in her potted plants. They were slowly moving their stems, bending slightly towards her. She wandered why they were moving as there was no breeze.

4. How did Revathi confirm her new discovery?

Ans. Revathi played on her violin as usual and watched the potted plants with care.

After some time, like the previous day, there was a definite movement in her plants. They all bent towards her. This astonished and surprised her. That day also, there was no breeze. Revathi sat on the bench and played a different tune, one with a quick rhythm. She suddenly saw all plants turn away from her as though they did not like what she was playing. Then she started playing her favourite tune again and the plants slowly bent towards her. Her surmise became a certainty. Her plants loved to hear her favourite tune.

5. What shock did Revathi receive on the prize distribution day?

Ans. Revathi saw her pot of plants on a bench, with the name of a distant neighbour of hers as the competitor written on a small piece of card board and placed in the soil. She knew it was her pot of plants. So this shocked her on the prize distribution day.

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6. How did Revathi plan to convince the organisers that the plant were hers?

Ans. Revathi wondered how to convince the organisers. Just then the sight of the plants bending towards her while she played her violin flashed across her mind. So she planned to convince the organizers by playing her violin to get her plants back. She sat near her plants with her violin and slowly started playing her favourite raga Engrossed in her music Revathi even forget her plants for a time, but the others could not. With wonder in their eyes, they watched the plants, straight at first and then they bent slightly. As Revathi played on and on, their stems bent towards her as though they wanted to touch her, in their happiness. The organizers were stunned. They had watched a new phenomenon of plants responding to music and Revathi had become a great discoverer. They all applauded her and said they were convinced that the plants were hers.

7. What is the happy end?

Ans. The authorities decided that Revathi’s plants deserved the first prize as they were the best looking and healthy plants. So, Revathi carried home the prize proudly with her pot of plants.

Think and answer

1. What did Revathi discover about her balsam plants?

Ans. Revathi discovered that her plants were growing well and looking healthier than the other plants in the far end of the courtyard. One day as she was playing, she noticed a movement in her potted plants. They were slowly moving their stems, bending slightly towards her.

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2. Why did she decide to keep her new knowledge ‘a secret’?

Ans. She decided to keep her new knowledge ‘a secret’ because it was a secret between her and her beloved plants.

3. How did the plants respond when Revathi played her favourite tune?

Ans. The plants bent towards her when Revathi played her favourite tune.

4. How did the plants react to the fast rhythmic music?

Ans. When the fast rhythmic music was played all plants turned away from her as though they did not like what she was playing.

5. Who was Revathi?

Ans. Revathi was a student of music.

6. Where did she practice violin?

Ans. There was a small open courtyard in front of her house, with a small cement bench. She would sit on the bench and practice on her violin.

7. Which contest was held in her colony?

Ans. ‘Best plant’ contest was held in her contest.

8. Which types of flowers grew on the plant?

Ans. The flowers which grew on the plants were mauve with white strips.

9. According to Revathi, what did her plants love?

Ans. According to Revathi, her plants loved music.

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