Revolutionary Steps In Surgery

Answer the following questions:

1. Why did doctors begin to use anaesthesia?

Ans. The doctors began to use anaesthesia to reduce pain of the patients during operations. The doctors had to cut open the part of the body that was not healthy, remove it or set right that part. So the doctors used anaesthesia for painless surgical operations.

2. Why had cardiac surgery not developed?

Ans. Cardiac surgery had not developed before 1893 because doctors did not have modern medical tools and procedures essential for heart surgery.

3. What had the patient, James Cornish suffered from?

Ans. The patient, James Cornish had suffered from a very serious knife wound. The knife had cut an artery less than an inch from his heart and punctured the pericardium (the sack around the heart).

4. What kind of cardiac surgery is done nowadays?

Ans. Open heart surgery is performed nowadays. Open heart surgery helps to repair heart defects, heart valves and even replace them. Today with proper measures, patient can recover from cardiac surgery faster than they did before.

5. Who do neurosurgeons operate upon and on what body parts?

Ans. Neurosurgeons treat patients of all ages, from the new-born to the elderly, who have suffered a stroke. They operated on the brain, the spine or nerves.

6. What is Da Vinci?

Ans. Da Vinci is the world’s most advanced surgical robot.

7. What are the advantages of Robotic Surgery?

Ans. The advantages of Robotic surgery are that there are minimal incisions on the body, time is consumed less, latest instruments and technologies are used. Robot carries out the surgery under the supervision of the surgeon and lastly the adverse effects of an open surgery is also averted.

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8. Who was probably the first surgeon to perform surgical operations?

Ans. Sushruta was probably the first surgeon to perform surgical operations.

9. Give the use of General Anaesthesia?

Ans. General Anaesthesia benumbs the whole body, and it is used for surgery of any region of the body.

10. Who is considered to be the father of modern neurological surgery?

Ans. Harvey Cushing was considered the father of modern neurological surgery.

11. How many tumours were successfully removed by Harvey Cushing?

Ans. Harvey Cushing removed 2000 tumours successfully.

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