The Bees – Questions With Solutions

Answer the following questions:

1. What do honey bees teach us?

Ans. The honey bees teaches us the art of being in order and getting organized.

2. Where does the emperor-bee sit and what does he do?

Ans. The emperor bees sits in a royal tent and supervises his workers making beehive regularly.

3. What do roofs of gold refer to?

Ans. The roofs of gold refer to honey on the hive. The bees suck the nectar from flowers and bring it to the hive. They appear shining yellow colour, resembling gold. So it is referred to as roofs of gold.

4. What does the poem tell us?

Ans. The poem tells us about the importance of leading our lives with hard work and not indulging in laziness.

5. What happens to the lazy bee?

Ans. The lazy bee does nothing and remains lazy in life. So he is given death sentence.

6. Who are members in the hive?

Ans. The merchants, the masons, the civilian workers and the porters are the members mentioned in the hive.

7. What are the merchants for?

Ans. The merchants are for trading.

8. What is the work of magistrate?

Ans. Magistrate carries out the work of giving laws and punishment to guilty.

9. What does the soldier bee carry home?

Ans. The soldier bee carries home the nectar looted from the flowers.

10. Who makes honey from nectar?

Ans. The civilian citizen bees makes honey from nectar.

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