Dick Whittington and his Cat

Questions and Answers

1. What innocent belief made Dick decide to go to London?
Ans. Dick had overheard some people say that the streets of London were paved with gold and so he decided to go there and pick his fortune up in gold pieces from the streets. This innocent belief made him decide to go to London.

2. What hardships did he face on arriving in London?
Ans. Dick arrived in London just before nightfall. He was dismayed to see that they were no streets paved with gold. Instead, he saw dirty streets and lots of unfriendly people around. He had nowhere to sleep and so in the end he spent the night in the corner of an alley where he hoped he would come to no harm. The next morning Dick woke up cold, miserable and very hungry. He wandered around begging for food, but people shouted at him and aimed angry blows at his head. At last, he collapsed in the street lying weak to look further for food.

3. How did Mr Fitzwarren favour Dick?
Ans. Mr Fitzwarren ordered the cook to take him into the kitchen, feed him first and then find some work for him. So Dick was given a home and a living by Mr Fitzwarren.

4. What difficulties did Dick have to face at Mr Fitzwarren’s house?
Ans. Dick had two difficulties to face. The first was that the attic he slept in was overrun by rats and mice. At night they scampered all over him and kept him awake. The other difficulty, which was not so easy to overcome, was the cook’s bad temper. She shouted and screamed all day, and would scold Dick and hit him with a wooden spoon, even when he was working as hard as he could.

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5. How did the cat prove to be useful?
Ans. The cat proved to be very useful because it chased away all the rats and mice. So Dick was able to sleep peacefully.

6. What inspired Dick to return back to Mr Fitzwarren’s house?
Ans. One morning Dick set out with his cat to seek his fortune elsewhere. It was the first of November, All Saint’s Day, and the church bells were ringing. As Dick sat and listened to them, it seemed they were ringing out a message for him: “Turn again Whittington, Thou worthy citizen, Lord Mayor of London?” He thought he should like to be Lord Mayor and ride in a fine coach. He thought he would put up with a few scoldings from the cook if that is what was in store for him. So Dick and his cat returned back to Mr Fitzwarren’s house.

7. Why was the Captain of the ship so overjoyed?
Ans. The captain of the ship was delighted, for the cat was an excellent mouser and so he had no trouble with rats and mice on his voyage.

8. What happened when food was brought in at the palace?
Ans. When the food was brought in the first time, rats and mice ate all the food. So, the captain sent a message asking for Dick’s cat to be brought to the palace. More food was laid out and the rats and mice appeared as before. The cat immediately pounced killing at least a dozen before they scattered.

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9. Why was the queen afraid of the cat?
Ans. The queen had seen how fiercely the cat had attacked the rats and the mice. So, she was afraid of the cat.

10. How much did the King pay for the cat?
Ans. After bargaining, it was agreed that the king would buy the whole cargo from Mr Fitzwarren’s ship to pay a fine price for it and for the cat alone the king paid ten times the sum again.

11. What changes had the cat brought to Dick’s life?
Ans. The cat was a good mouser so Dick could sleep peacefully at night. The King of Barbary agreed to buy the whole cargo from Mr Fitzwarren’s ship and for the cat alone the king paid ten times the sum again. This brought fortune to Dick and he became rich. In this way, the cat brought luck in Dick’s life.

12. Where did Dick live?
Ans. Dick lived in a small village in the south of England.

13. Who helped Dick in London?
Ans. Dick was helped by Mr Fitzwarren.

14. What work did Dick do in Fitzwarren’s house?
Ans. Dick helped the cook to wash pots and pans in the kitchen.

15. Whom did Dick marry?
Ans. Dick married Mr Fitzwarren’s daughter Alice.

16. How many times was Dick elected the mayor?
Ans. Dick was elected three times as a Mayor.

17. What did Dick become after getting knighted by the King?
Ans. After getting knighted by the King, Dick became Sir Richard Whittington. He was not only famous, but he was popular too, for he always helped the poor with his money.

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