A Time to Believe – Questions and Answers

A Time to Believe

Answer the following questions:

1. What should one know and trust every day?

Ans. One should know that every day is a new beginning and trust that miracles happen, and dreams really do come true.

2. What are the two super-natural references in the 2nd stanza?

Ans. The two super-natural references in the second stanza are ‘Angels dancing among the clouds’ and ‘the wisdom of the man in the moon’.

3. What two qualities are needed to recover after a shocking event?

Ans. The two qualities needed to recover after a shocking event are strength and courage.

4. What kind of attitude does the poet advise everybody to have?

Ans. The poet advises everybody to have a positive attitude in life. One should have good qualities like wisdom, innocence, strength, courage and to be able to value things in life.

5. Why does the sky have a magical quality?

Ans. The sky has a magical quality because it has twinkling stars, dancing clouds and a beautiful moon.

6. Why does the ageing hand have beauty?

Ans. The ageing hand has beauty because it has taught us how to love, live and walk ahead in life.

7. What lies within us?

Ans. Strength and courage lies within us.

8. What should one know the value of?

Ans. One should know the value of a nurturing heart.

9. Find the positive qualities from the poem.

Ans. The positive qualities from the poem are love, wisdom, strength, courage, faith and knowing the value of things.