A Day Before Examination

A day before examination is full of fears. One has prepared lots of questions. One does not know what to do. The teacher may ask questions which one has not prepared. What will happen if one fails in examination? What will one’s, relatives and friends say if one’s performance is poor? What will happen if one’s rival gets more marks? One tremble to think about all these questions.

Moreover, no one likes to take an examination. It shows one’s weaknesses. And it is very difficult to digest such bad things. Examination is the test of memory and cramming. You must use much ink and waste many answer scripts. If you fail to write answers to the questions asked in the examination, you are bound to fail. The crammers are the best students because they can vomit answers well.

I can’t write if someone stands near me. I become conscious and can not write. Teachers often move and look at the students’ answer-books. I can not tolerate all this. The teacher will discover our weakness.

All these thoughts haunt us and make us nervous. Moreover, some of us can not finish our papers within the stipulated time.They are too slow to finish their papers in time. And we are asked to revise the answers. Oh God, put me not to test! I hate to be tested. Every test taste tasteless.

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