Election….. play important role….. democracy. …… held after five years……The election day……full of excitement… school…..polling station……feverish activity…..rush of voters……cars, mini-buses used to bring candidates from homes……free drinks offered to voters….polling officer enquired the names of voters…..verified identity cards……after casting votes, ink mark put on voter’s left forefinger…..booth closed at 5.


Elections play an important role in democracy. In India, elections are held after every five years. Sometimes there are by-elections and elections to local bodies such as the Municipality etc. Our school was a polling station in recent parliamentary elections. Before the election, there was a lot of excitement in the town. On the election day, there was feverish activity all around. There was a great rush of voters. At the polling booth, there were long queues. Cars and mini-buses were used to bring aged and handicapped voters from home. Free drinks were also offered to voters. I also went to vote. Outside of the booth, I was given a slip by a party worker. My voting number has been written down. Inside the polling booth, my name and identity were checked by an official. The other one gave me the ballot paper. Then I walked behind the curtain and cast my vote. After casting vote an indelible ink mark was put on my left forefinger by the third official. The excitement of the polling came to a close at 5 pm. The poll was largely peaceful.

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