Essay on Pets and People For Students and Children

Pets and People

In India and everywhere in the world almost every home or family has a pet. A pet brightens your soul and warms your heart. I know this because I have a pet. There is also a pet personality that suits the character of a human. All pets need something, just like humans. Therefore, there is a pet for every person. If you don’t believe that, read on and see for yourself. Maybe one day you’ll find the right pet.

Through the centuries, pets have found humans, because there was a human waiting for them. People choose pets for company and to enjoy life with. About 149 million people in the US have four or more pets and about 142 million people have only one pet. Unfortunately, people can run into problems, such as having allergies or being too busy. These are the top reason for not having a pet, but there are ways to prevent these obstacles, such as choosing pets that have no fur or using allergy medicine. Also, if you are too busy, you can choose a pet that does not need too much attention, for example, a lazy cat, a newt, or an underactive rodent. Pets can improve a person’s life so much, you have someone to live for, someone to meet you at the door, someone to entertain you when you are bored, and just someone that loves you and wants to spend their life with you.

So there is a pet for every person, but the characteristics may be confusing. The pet’s character has to resemble yours. Take me, for example. Everyone says that my cat looks and acts like me. The most popular pets are dogs, cats and ferrets. They all have different qualities. The most important thing is that all pets act differently. There can be an energetic dog or a slothful dog, there can be a blissful cat or a vile cat, and they all are distinct in their personalities. You can find information about personalities of breeds online, from books and from other people who have pets. Now you know that the personality of a pet has to reflect your character. You will know it when you have found your pet.

In my opinion, a pet is needed by a person. Life with a pet can improve your life. It can heal the heart of a family. In the end, all pets are the same, but with varied traits, actions and personalities. Now, do you believe that a pet is an extraordinary creature to love and to hold and that there is one for everyone?

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