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Gulliver’s Travels: Among the Little People of Lilliput Summary

Gulliver’s Travels: Among the Little People of Lilliput Gulliver’s Teavells is a wonderful story mostly loved by the young children. Gulliver is the lovely character known for his sincerity, bravery and wisdom. This wonderful story is written by Jonathan swift. The story recounts the story of Lemuel Gulliver, an Englishman trained as a surgeon who …

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Gulliver Among The Little People| Summary| Questions and Answers |Tulip English|Class 5th

Gulliver Among The Little People Introduction: “Gulliver Among The Little People” is a wonderful story written by Jonathan swift. Gulliver is a practical-minded Englishman trained as a surgeon who takes to the seas when his business fails. Summary Gulliver’s adventure begins, when he goes to the sea as a surgeon on a merchant ship, Antelope. …

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Birbal the wise | Summary |Questions Answers | Class 5th| Tulip English

Birbal the wise Introduction ‘Birbal the wise’ is one of the widely read stories for children. Who doesn’t know about Birbal? His real name was ‘Maheshdas’. The character of Birbal is a common name everywhere as he is known for his outstanding wit and wisdom. He was a great poet and singer in the court …

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Summary of Fear Of Life And Death

Summary of the poem The poem ‘Fear Of Life And Death,’ by Sri Aurobindo, is nothing but a portrayal of death, in a beautiful way. Sri Aurobindo asks us not to fear death, but to look at it as a beautiful maiden. He also says that death can be painful initially, but its end-result is …

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A Malefactor By Anton Chekov – Summary and Question Answers

A Malefactor is a very short story written by Anton Chekov. Denis Grigoryev, an “ exceedingly lean little peasant in a striped hempen shirt and patched drawers” is brought before the magistrate to stand trial. His crime is that Ivan Semyonovich Akinfov, a railway watchman, saw him engaged in removing a fastening nut from the railway line.

Thank You Ma’am: Summary and Questions Answers

The story “Thank You Ma’am” is about a boy who tries to pick-pocket Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones but she catches him. She takes him back to her house, tells him to wash his face, give him food, some money and most importantly her advice. She teaches/tells him that she wasn’t perfect either in her childhood and doesn’t make it right for Roger to do the same. When the boy leaves he is so grateful and he couldn’t ever mutter a thank you or any thankful gesture of gratitude.

A Hero By R. K. Narayan – Summary and Questions and Answers

A Hero is culled  from a collection of short stories called Malgudi Days. This is a story about a boy who is afraid to sleep alone but is forced to do so by his father. But at the end of the day he emerges as a hero. Apart from sleeping alone he also catches a thief.

The Verger By W. Somerset Maugham- Summary and Questions Answers

Maugham’s short story “The Verger” is a tale about a simple man Albert Edward Foreman. He has been a verger in St. Peter’s Neville Square Church, doing his duties with great enjoyment and dedication. The new vicar dismisses the verger for being illiterate. While he is roaming around the London street in a distressed mood he tries to buy a cigarette. As there is no tobacco shop nearby, an idea strikes him. He sets up a
tobacco shop with the meagre amount he has got in his savings. He develops his business with full dedication which leads to success. Within ten years he opens ten new tobacco shops in London city. He saves 30000 pounds in bank savings account.

Sita By Toru Dutt – Summary, Analysis and Solved Questions

Toru Dutt’s poem “Sita” which reveals her love for Indian myths and her sensitivity to women’s sufferings and victimization even in the ancient times.

The Looking Glass – Summary and Solved Questions

In “The Looking Glass” Kamala Das searches for self-identity in the male dominant society where a woman has to give up everything to satisfy the male ego by accepting masculinity as superior to femininity. The poem is an externalisation of her humiliations and frustrations, the woman in the poem is every woman who seeks love, the man, is every man that wants a woman to satisfy his desire.

Life Class 8th – Questions and Answers and Summary (NCERT Solutions)

This dialogue is gotten from a dramatic ballad initially written in Dogri language, which was interpreted in English by Shiv Nath and has been presented here as a prose lesson. The passing wind questions to various things from universe, for example, stars, moon, clouds, ocean, earth, and the young girl a similar question, that is, “What is life?” Everyone gives its very own definition about life as per their own understanding.

Solitude By Ella Wheeler Wilcox summary and Questions Answers

Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American author and poet. She is well known through her works that are full of social criticism, in her poems she expresses sentiments of cheer and optimism in plainly written, rhyming verse. Her popular works include Poems of Passion (1883) and Solitude (1883).

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