Useful Words and Phrases for Essay Writing

Useful Words and Phrases for Essay Writing

Logical reasoning for essay writing

University students know that each semester or a quarter they have to complete a kind of writing task – an essay. In this paper the students argue a problem or describe some conceptions. The topic of the essay must be discussed in details that requires from the author logical reasoning and clear presentation of the material.

Make it readable!

While writing the essay the student has to demonstrate his ability to synthesize different things to show relations, to analyze arguments, to compare different points of view and adopt one of them, to include in the work historical and cultural context. The paper must be readable and understandable. Each part of the text must convey a specific idea. It’s good to make a “frame” around the studied subject that means to conclude or to say the last word at the end. On finishing a draft it is necessary to polish the work.


The tools that help to make the essay perfect are similar to ones used for writing term-paper and research-papers. The useful phrases and words for writing an essay the students can find in special literature like dictionaries and handbooks. Useful phrases and words are often called transitions. They can be single words, phrases and even several sentences. Here is a selection of words that help to construct a competent essay.

✏Adding more to the above:

moreover; furthermore; what is more; in addition, besides.

Arranging ideas sequentially:

first(ly); second(ly); third(ly); in addition; finally; to begin with; in the second place; lastly.

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✏Saying in another way:

in other words; or; to put it (more) simply.

Giving examples:

for example; for instance; as follows; as in the following examples; such as; particularly; in particular.

In fact there are a lot of words and phrases that can be referred to useful words and phrases for writing an essay. The students have to choose those that will help.

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