Your visitors love readable texts. The same is true for Google also. People visit your site for some solution or to gain insight about something. But when they find it hard to read and understand, they leave the page to some other site that meets his need in an easier way. It may look impressive with hard words and long phrases but it will not impress Google or your visitors. So, the question of what does make the reading text easy. In this post, I gonna to discuss some important things which should be kept in mind while writing the text. After writing your copy you should check its readability by using appropriate Readability Checker and find the readability score.

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Readability Checker

Readability Matters

Why Readable Text

It is paramount to create compelling content that your visitors can easily understand. Many studies have shown you have less than 30 seconds to impress new vision to solve their questions and meet their needs.

If the reader can not understand the text you have written, he or she will end up with an unsatisfied visitor. There are chances that he will bounce back to Google to search for better text. That is why the readability test is must.

Nowadays everything is changing. The Google algorithm is now trying to read text like a human being and the day is not far when this will happen. As soon as Google becomes more efficient of understanding and searching texts in a human-like manner, the importance on the readability of text also grows.

The voice searches are growing bigger. Therefore, Google prefers the text which is easily understandable. As we know Google directs the search results and the algorithm, we have to make sure to go with it. Above all, it is a nice thing. The readable text is a blessing for the people.

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Let’s explain this briefly. If you write a long paragraph comprised of difficult sentences and containing many intricate words that are read out loud, will it be easily possible for Google to understand it? The voice result would become almost impossible to understand. Google doesn’t like the text like that, neither in voice results nor in test results. Can you still say why you should use Readability Checker to find the readability scores of your written copy. There are many readability checkers available online and many of them are free. Here is one for you. Check your readability and find your readability score.

Check Readability of Your Text

Use Simple Word

Walt Whitman has rightly put it “Simplicity is the glory of expression”. If you will write your content in simple words, the readers cannot find it hard to understand. They will enjoy reading. Not only this they will become returning visitors of you site. However, if you will write your text in difficult words, the readers will find it hard to understand, with the result he will leave to other site. The reason is simple.There is a great choice of information available online about everything. The reader will definitely select the one which is more readable and easier. For example,I have rewritten the current paragraph in fairly difficult text as follows.Check readability of both paragraphs. Which one will you prefer?

Readability score

Readability score

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Walt Whitman has rightly put it “Simplicity is the glory of expression”. On the off chance that you will compose your substance in basic words, the perusers can not discover hard to get it. They will appreciate perusing. Not just this they will visit your site or read your books over and over. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you will compose your content in troublesome words, the perusers think that it’s difficult to appreciate with the outcome they will lean toward other sites on the grounds that there is a great deal of data accessible about everything without exception. It implies there are incredible choices and the perusers will choose the one which is progressively discernible and less demanding.

Readability Test


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Good Readability Tips: Readability Checker, Readability score, Test


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