Book Review Writing Tips

As a student especially of Literature you cannot avoid book review assignments. Although book review writing is part of coursework writing in many subject fields but English subject is a common course where students encounter book reviews as part of fulfilling the course requirements.

A book review is a thorough description, critical analysis, and/or evaluation of the quality, meaning, and significance of a book, and is written by the readers of that book. Before writing the book review, you must first read the book thoroughly and understand all the contents of the book, identify the quotable passages, and note your impressions as you read. Your review should include the evaluation of the quality of the book and the style of the theme but should avoid writing the direct theme or the storey of the book. The review should be honest that while reading it, readers should be impressed and buy the book for reading. Also the review of the book should be short. If you write a long review, readers may lose interest in reading your review. So, write a short, meaningful review. Make sure it focuses on the plot of the book.

Any book review will follow more of the same approach as described below.

Describe the contents of the book briefly

  1. Provide succinct details of the book
  2. Avoid excessive details
  3. Include only the relevant bibliographical information, e.g. title of the book, the author, publisher, place, publication date, and other relevant information.

Write the talking points

  1. Express your thoughts about the book
  2. The critical review should assess the historical standards and evaluate, support, or refute the evidence in the text.

The appraisal of the book should portray or exhibit some of the following.

  1. Understanding of the purpose of the book
  2. The perceptions of the author towards the purpose of the book
  3. Evidence supporting the reviewer’s judgment of the achievements of the author
  4. Evidence regarding the areas the reviewer liked or disliked, supported or refuted in the book

Concluding remarks

  1. Restate your thesis statement
  2. Avoid introducing new information

A quality book review should have a conclusion that summarizes the key ideas discussed in the introduction and the main body of the custom book review.

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