Television is a very useful means of giving education. The best teachers can teach the largest number of students. There are many things which are difficult rather impossible to show in schools. TV makes it possible to make such unfamiliar things familiar. Students can enjoy a lesson on snowfall on the mountains as a living reality and not merely as the spoken or written word.

Essay on Uses and Abuses of Television

On special days like Republic Day, there are special programmes people in large numbers watch the Republic Day parade and celebrations.

Nowadays TV has become a craze and fashion. Almost every home has a TV set. There are colour TV sets these days. With the help of a cable network, people are able to watch different programmes including sports and movies.

Television has a dark side too. Too much of watching TV is harmful. Children are very fond of watching TV. It affects their eyes. Besides, it has an adverse effect on their studies. They do not get enough time to study well. It also makes them less imaginative.

In spite of its dark side, television has become an important means of imparting education and entertainment, particularly when there are circumstances which we had during coronavirus lockdown. Students were not able to go to school. So TV should be used judiciously so that it does not make us idiots.

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