Informal Letter Writing

Letters are written for different purposes and to a different audience to communicate with them. In this post we will learn about Informal Letter Writing. We have already discussed about Formal Letter Writing in the previous post.

What are Informal letters?

Letters written to people we know very well like our parents, relatives and intimate friends are called personal (informal) letters.

These letters relate to personal matters between the writer and the addressee. There are four kinds of personal letters. These are:

Domestic letters: These letters are mainly concerned with the exchange of news among friends and relations.

Descriptive letters: These letters describe places, monuments etc., and are addressed to friends and others.

Narrative letters: These letters deal with the narration of events.

Invitation letters: These letters deal with invitations to friends and relatives to attend a marriage or a similar ceremony.

In personal letters, there should be a personal touch in it. The person written to should feel that you are at home with him. While writing a letter the following points should be kept in mind:

  • The age, the taste, the status and temperament of the person to whom your letters are addressed. The manner of writing differs with different persons. Letters dealing with personal affairs are best drafted in simple, familiar words. They must have an intimate touch with them.
  • Divide the body of the letter into paragraphs.
  • Do not use long sentences. Be clear and to the point.
  • Write legibly and punctuate properly.

Parts of an Informal Letter

1. The Heading
This part informs the reader where the letter was written from. It gives the reader the address to which the reply must be written. It contains the writer’s address and the date and can be written at the top right hand or left-hand corner of the page.

45, Modal Town
30th May 2020

2. The Salutation or Greeting.
It is a courteous way of starting a letter. It is written on the left-hand side after The Heading as shown below:

My dear Father,
Dear Shakir,

The form of salutation depends upon the degree of intimacy and relationship between the sender and the person addressed.

i. If the letter is addressed to a relative older than the writer. The Salutation and Subscription should be used as:

Salutation ========== Subscription
My dear Father,==== Yours affectionately,
My dear Mother,=== Affectionately yours,
My dear Sister, === Lovingly yours,
My dear Uncle,

ii. For relatives younger than the writer, use salutation and subscription as shown below:

Dear Irshad,=== Affectionately yours,
Dearest Rohi, === Yours affectionately,

Look at the table below showing the various Relationships and Salutations and Subscriptions commonly used with them:

Informal Letter Writing- Types, Parts, Format and Samples of Informal Letters 1

Tip: You can use the Salutation as “Hi Jozy, ” if the person you are addressing is your very close friend. Intimate friends now prefer to use this kind of informal language.

3. The Body or The Message

This is the most important part of the letter. It contains the message that you want to convey to the addressee. The Body usually contains three paragraphs. The first para introduces the topic, the second gives a factual description of the details and the third ask for action. If the letter is personal, there should be a personal touch in it. Letters dealing with personal affairs are best drafted in simple and familiar words.

4. The Subscription
The Subscription is used to end the letter. The Subscription always corresponds to the Salutation. The usual forms of Subscription have been already given on the foregoing table.

5. The Signature
The Signature or the name of the writer must be written below the Subscription as:

Yours affectionately,
Haider Ali.

Important points for writing personal letters

  • Informal language is used i.e, the readers almost feel that the writer is talking to his audience.

* The address and date are written at the top, left or right-hand corner.

* It is a general convention to divide your letter into three paragraphs. The possible dramatic starting expressions are:-

• I hope you’re well……….

• Been out of touch for a long time How‘re you?……….

• Sorry for not writing to you since long…….

  • It is important that the details are sequenced in a logical order.

* Exclamations, colloquial expressions such as ( Oops, Wow, Sorry ) and contracted forms are used.

* Sentences are generally short and simple.

* The following expressions can be used for signing off an informal letter:-

To close friends:-

Lots of love

• Love from

• Love!

• See you!

To Less Close Friends:-


• Best Wishes,

• Kind regards

Following informal expressions can be used for inviting:-

How about …………….?

• Let us all ………………?

• Why don’t we …………?

* You may be slightly less informal if you aren‘t accepting an invitation.

* When you give a piece of bad news, it is useful to start on a pleasant note.

* The subscription should correspond to the Salutation as described above.


➡ Your younger brother has become a book worm. Write a letter to him advising him to take part in games and other school activities.

Examination Hall
Centre No- 166
28th April-2020

Dear Aabid,

I hope you’re well along with your parents. It is pleasing that you’re working hard towards your studies to register a brilliant performance. It’s really the need of the hour. We are in an extremely competitive world and can keep pace with others only if we work very hard. But, at the same time, it is a matter of great concern that you don‘t take part in games and sports.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, is a well known saying. Pay attention to your health. Don‘t be a bookworm. Spare some time for games and sports which will give you some exercise and help you improve your health. Games and sports will enable you to refresh your mind and body. You will, thus, be able to study better and with more concentration. So, it will not be a waste of time as you may be thinking.

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Hope you will pay heed to my advice and start taking an active part in games right from today.

Yours affectionately,
Reyaz Ahmad.

Write a letter of sympathy to your friend on his failure in the annual examination.

Examination Hall
Centre No- 165
29 April-20…

Dear Friend,

It really shocked me when I couldn’t find your name in the list of successful candidates of class 10th I repeatedly went through the list but to no purpose.

You are not to blame. You were confined to bed for two long months before examinations. I remember how diligently you worked soon after recovering from your illness. You burnt the midnight oil to compensate. Your failure has, therefore, pained me much. I really sympathize with you in your sorrow. “What can’t be cured must be endured”.

Don’t lose your heart. Forget not that examinations are no surest test of one’s ability! Start your studies right away with redoubled energy and I am sure that you will come out with flying colours in the next examination. Remember that failures are stepping stones to success! I hope this failure will prove you a blessing in disguise.

Wishing you all success in the coming examinations.

Yours affectionately,
Brother Ishfaq.

Write a letter to your father asking him to send you money for the purchase of new books and stationery.

Examination Hall
Centre No. 116
30th April-20…

My dear Papa,

I am fine and hope you will be also fine. Congrats to you for my brilliant success in my annual examination. Thanks to Allah the Almighty, my dream has come true. All the teachers speak highly of me. My classmates hold me in high esteem. My joy knows no bounds. I never expected to be at the serial no.1 of the toppers. It is all by the grace of Allah and your prayers though my hard work also played its part.

As I am to join a higher class now, I shall be needing around Rs 5000/= to buy books and stationery for the new class. The new academic session is to start soon and I would like to have the prerequisite bought in time.

Please send me the amount as early as possible so that I could be able to join the new class without any delay.

Lots of Love,

Your loving son,

➡ Write a letter to your friend inviting him to a marriage party at your home.

Examination Hall
Centre No- A-217
1st. May-20…

Dear Ahmad,

We are celebrating the auspicious occasion of the union of two souls virtually established in heaven. You know, my elder brother, Abdullah, is going to be married on 25 of August 2009. Though we have decided to forgo all sorts of unnecessary and ostentatious rituals, we are, however, bound to arrange for “Walleema”. In this regard, I would be expecting your helping hand, in time. I thus, invite you to come to the venue some days before and invite your household, on my behalf, to be present on the scheduled dates.

Hope that you and your household will grace the party by your presence and allow a chance for a get-together after a long lapse of months, to sprout. I shall be waiting for you impatiently.

Regards to your parents and siblings.

Cordially yours,

➡ Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on his success in the examinations.

Examination Hall
Centre No – A-147
2nd May 20…

My dear Azhar,

First position! How fantastic! I was thrilled to bits. Accept my heartfelt congratulations on your grand success in your examinations. I really feel elated at your success. I am celebrating it with my household and my friends. Why shouldn’t I? After all your cherished dream has come true. Painstaking never goes waste. You worked extremely hard, deserved brilliant success and got it.

I hope this success will encourage you to work hard for your future examinations, especially the biggest one – the examination of our total life in the hereafter.

Convey my congratulations to your parents. They will be really feeling over the moon at your success. Of course, they have the privilege to feel.

When are you holding a grand feast to formally celebrate your grand success? I am eagerly looking forward to it and would like to be on time.

With best wishes,

Yours Lovingly

➡ Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the birthday present, he has sent to you.

Examination Hall
Centre No. _______
3rd May-20…

Dear Uncle,

I hope you are well with the grace of Allah, the Almighty. How nice of you to have sent a valuable present on my birthday! I have received many gifts and presents from my friends and relatives, but your gift is the best one. I was thrilled to bits on receiving the wristwatch sent by you as a token of love to your loving nephew. It is really a nice watch. It keeps the correct time. It‘s dazzling golden colour is very charming. I was badly in need of it. I was often late for school. I hope this watch will regulate my every action and make me punctual.

I have shown it to my friends. They all liked it very much. I have no words to thank you for this fine present.

With compliments and best regards,

Your loving nephew
Sheikh Bilal

➡ Write a letter to your mother advising her to take care of her health.

Examination Hall
Centre 211-JKBSE
3rd March-20…

Dear Mom,

I was shocked to know from Dad‘s letter that you have gone weak. It is a matter of great concern to the whole family.

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Dear Mom, you are the absolute wealth of the family; the dearest thing on earth to me. You always take care of others but usually neglect yourself. Is it fair anyway? Your being healthy is very essential to all of us. The whole system of the family revolves around you. You are the nucleus of the family and so dear to us. Our life is trash without you.

You are so wise to understand our concern. I’ve been feeling on pins and spikes since I came to know about you. Our joys are conditioned to your well-being. So, take care of your health, please. I will be coming to see you soon after my examinations are over.

Your loving son,
Shah Reyaz.

➡ Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to take part in school debates.

Examination Hall
Centre _________
4th March-20…..

Dear A.K.R,

We are quite alright here and wish you to be fit as a fiddle. Let you not worry about us. You must concentrate on your studies.

Presently I want to advise you to take an active part in the debates and other competitions organized by your school. Dear brother, you are really fortunate enough to be a student of a school which is reputed for organizing debates and seminars on various issues. Your chances of emerging as a great debater are, therefore, very bright if you participate in them. The need to participate in debates is paramount. Debates give us a chance to maintain the right and the just view-point towards the issues that our society is confronted with. We get a chance to put forth our own thought and to know the debaters’ ideas. We surrender before the other or make them surrender before our right and genuine approach. Debates are very essential for our mental growth and expansion of knowledge.

Hope that you‘ll not shirk taking part in the debates organized by your school henceforth. Please report about your participation and performance.

Lovingly yours,
Syed Shabir Ahmad

➡ Your younger brother is neglecting his studies. Write a letter advising him to concentrate and pay more attention to the studies.

Examination Hall
Centre X-124. BOSE
5th May, 2017

Dear Aslam,

I hope you will receive this letter of mine in sound health and in a good mood. We are all quite alright.

Dear brother, it is discouraging that you are neglecting your studies at a very crucial juncture of your academic career. Yesterday your principal rang at the home number and complained about your negligence towards studies. Fortunately, there was none else than me at home to receive the call. Instead of informing Dad about the complaint, I thought it better to secretly write to you so that nobody else in the family knew about it.

My brother, it’s mad to ignore the studies when your exams are on your hand. It is the time when students need to ignore even some necessary exercises and concentrate on studies. Your time is very precious. You should dedicate your all efforts towards registering a brilliant success. Frame a time table for yourself, and work according to it. I hope you‘ll act upon my advice and compensate for the loss to come successful with laurels in the coming vital exams of your academic career.

May Allah guide you towards the light, and increase your knowledge.

Your loving brother,
Dar Reyaz.

➡ Write a letter to your father asking him to allow you to go to a picnic with your class.

Examination Hall

6th May, 202…

Dear Abu,

I am fine and wish the same for you. Dear Abu, my half-yearly exams have been over just days before. For the last two months, I haven’t got any time to relax and enjoy. Almost the same has been the case with my friends. Now that we are comparatively free, they have decided to have some refreshment.

As it is the month of July, the weather in the valley is pleasant and inviting. The gardens are full of greenery and blooming flowers. The tourists are haunting the health resorts of the valley. Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Kokarnag and other places are calling and inviting people to pay a visit. My friends, meanwhile, have chalked out a programme to visit Pahalgam for a picnic. Almost all the arrangements have been made. I am, therefore, in need of Rs 500/= and your permission to accompany my friends. I hope that you will not disappoint me.

Looking forward to your reply,

Your loving son,
Mahir Sajad.

➡ Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to read newspapers daily.

Examination Hall
Centre 172-BOSE
6th May-20…

Dear Bilal,

We are fine and wish the same for you. It is pleasing that you are showing good performance in your academics. But it is a matter of great concern that you are poor in general knowledge. It appears that you have no time to go through books on general studies and current affairs.

Dear brother, no doubt it is important to excel in your concerned subjects but equally essential is to have a good hold on general knowledge. You can‘t expect to pass any competitive exams without a good hold on general knowledge. If you haven‘t time enough to read big books on the subject, I would suggest the reading of some leading newspapers as an alternative.

You should make it a habit to read a few eminent newspapers daily. They will keep you in touch with world affairs. They will keep your knowledge up to date. You will learn much about the views and thoughts of editors. Moreover, the study of newspapers will enrich your vocabulary. Of course, you have to study books, but don’t forget to read newspapers daily.

I hope you will act upon my advice.

With love,

Yours affectionately,
Salik Ahmad

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➡ Write a letter to your father inviting him to visit the speech competition organized in your school.

Examination Hall
Centre No. _____
7th – May 20…

My dear Papa,

I hope you will receive this letter of mine in sound health and good mood. I am quite alright and wish the same for you all.

It has been a long time since you paid me a visit at my school. Perhaps it was parents day at that time. Nevertheless, it is again time when you would have to steal some time from your busy schedule to fulfil my demand. Actually, my school is going to organize a district-level speech competition on coming Saturday. Students of renowned institutions all over the district are participating in the event. The honourable Education Minister will be the chief guest on the occasion. Fortunately enough I have been given a chance to represent my school in the competition. It is a great challenge and needs great wit and verve. Could you please encourage me by your presence I am sure that your presence will work wonders for my better performance. Moreover, you will see for yourself what I have been making of your hard-earned money.

I hope you will spare some time and come to see me on the dais.

With love.

Yours affectionately,
Wahid Sheer

➡ Write a letter of condolence to a friend who has recently lost his father or brother. ( condolence letter)

Examination Hall
Centre no. _______
20 May-20…

Dear Ashraf,

The news about the untimely death of your dear father has left me shocked and miserable. I can hardly believe my ears. It is my personal loss. Words are too weak to express my grief at this time. Your father was indeed, a thorough gentleman. He loved me as his son. He was ever ready to give me his valuable advice whenever I stood in need of it.

I offer my heartfelt sympathy in your terrible bereavement. I know that being the only son of your father the whole responsibility has fallen on your shoulders and that you would be feeling quite uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I have full confidence in you. With the passage of time, I hope that your wounds will heal and you will succeed in this trial. Allah will help you in overcoming the loss and in taking on the responsibilities successfully.

Once again I assure you of my deepest sympathy in your sorrow. May Allah grant everlasting peace to the departed soul and give you the strength to bear the irreparable loss.

Yours sincerely,
Mahir Sajad.

Write a condolence letter to your friend who has suddenly lost his mother.

Bemina, Bye-Pass


My dear friend,

I was shocked to know about the sad demise of your dear mother. The news was so unexpected and disturbing that I could not believe it. Only two days before, I met her in the market. She was quite hale and hearty. She in fact wanted me to accompany her to your residence and had lunch with the family.

She was a pious and religious lady. Her untimely death is a personal loss to me as well. She always treated me as her own child as she had great affection for me.

Her death is really an irreparable loss. But as we know that death is inevitable, so we have to bow our heads before the Will of the Almighty.

May Almighty grant peace and blessings to the departed soul!

Yours Sincerely,


➡ Write a letter to your friend, suggesting/inviting him to spend his summer vacation with you.

Examination Hall
Centre A-75
7th May, 20…

Dear Aafaq,

Been out of touch for a long time. How are you? How is everything there? How are your parents and siblings? I had been engaged with my examinations so I couldn’t write earlier. Sorry! Just after getting free from exams, I thought it proper to write to you immediately.

Your school, as you have mentioned in your letter closes for summer holiday from the next Monday.

My pleasure! Same is the case with mine. What a chance to enjoy each other’s compassionate company! It would be fun being together after a long time in this beautiful summer. How about visiting some world-famous tourist resorts of Kashmir? We could go around and see these places together, beat heat and have some fun too. Such chances don‘t accrue time and again.

Give an immediate reply giving the details of your plans.

Regards to Auntie and Uncle and love to your siblings,

See You!
Abdul Wadud

➡ Write a letter to your friend giving him a brief account of your trip to Kashmir Valley.

H. No.44, Yagipora
May 30, 202…

My dear Friend,

I reached home last Monday. As you intent to visit Kashmir next summer, I eagerly feel to write a brief account of my trip to the Valley, which surely you will be delighted to read.

The road from Jammu to Srinagar is not smooth. Here it bends to the right, there to the left, now it ascends and then it descends. The travellers very often feel giddy and sometimes begin to vomit. But the scene around is picturesque and attractive. The hills and precipices covered with lush green trees of all sorts and descriptions, the sweet murmur of the silver-white streams mingled with the singing of gaily plumage birds, the snow mountains in the background, make the place befitting abode for all.

One day we went to the Dall. It is a beautiful lake in the heart of Srinagar city. It contains transparent water in which people grow vegetables on floating gardens. Nishat Garden, Shalimar Garden, Chashm-i-shahi, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and numerous other places are worth-seeing. There are so many things that I shall tell you about this Paradise when you come home.
I wish you good luck on the ensuing trip.

Yours lovingly,
Danish Ahmad.

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