The Shadow of Silence is the translation of Kashmiri poem “Tshoapi hanz tshaay ” by Shabir Magami…..

The Shadow of Silence

The Shadow of Silence
The Shadow of Silence

When the day kisses and embraces the dark and,

Time takes a trip to the universe of stars,

precisely right then is brought into the world the idea, …

The perception begins to come to fruition.

The candle illuminates behind the shut vaults of eyes,

flickering fire, and decorating its fire, …

the shadow of silence hovers around every moment of Time…

circumambulating it, …

also, the haziness of the night spreads thick like a snake wound around itself.

But, the first smile of the dawn.

see the fire part with the lamp, …

somebody pulls at the hem of the breeze, awakening the spins

the sky changes tone

Coming back from some obscure world …

The sun again lights its hearth, …

And feeds the fire.

Flocks of birds trill and sing,

uncovering things untold and obscure.

Would that our resources go up the ladder of their secrets and resolve the riddle

Whether the day is conceived of the night … or the night brings forth the day.

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