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The word “hobby” literally means an activity that is undertaken for the sake of engagement and pleasure during free time. Man has a willingness to keep himself engaged even in his free time to escape the dullness of idleness and to have some recreation. Such an activity is called a hobby. It is a good means to have (diversion) detachment from the worldly affairs. It provides a sort of peace to tired minds. In the present age, most people have selected their hobbies according to their tastes and temperaments. Stamp collecting, photography, reading books, listening to the radio, watching T.V., coin collecting, gardening, etc are some of the most common hobbies.

I, too, have selected a hobby for myself and it is gardening. I have a natural desire to spend my rare free hours in the company of sympathetic nature. I have a small plot of land at the back of my house. I have turned it into a beautiful garden.

I have planted evergreen plants and fruit trees around it.

I have grown in it multicolored flowers and vegetables of different varieties. I feel pleased, relaxed and refreshed by the fragrance of its flowers, and musical sound of the leaves and the greenery of the lush green turf patches.

Almost every day I spend my leisure time in my garden. I water the plants and remove the unwanted weeds from the beds. I trim the plants and broom the garden from dirt and dust.

Both the flower beds and the vegetable beds are equally cared, reared and nurtured. I take proper care of the plants and make use of adequate fertilizers and pesticides in my garden. This has helped my garden to (grow) healthy and fresh vegetables and a variety of colorful flowers. Thus, I am able to satisfy some timely needs from my garden.

My hobby gives me a lot of fun and delight. It is really health-giving. I would like to pursue it all my life ―What is life if there is no time to stand and stare!

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