My Ambition In Life

Man is the crown of the creation on the earth. He is ever eager and ambitious to achieve new heights. Since humans are created with insurmountable and inherent individual differences, their aims and ambitions too differ. However, we can‘t lead a purposeful life if we don‘t have an aim to pursue. A man without an aim is like a traveler without any destination.

Therefore, everyone has some ambition in life. Some people want to be wealthy overnight. They use shortcut methods. They choose such aspirations that they believe can satisfy their dreams in their desired manner. Some people want to be leaders to acquire authority and respect. However, there are others who want to be scientists. Few people are led by a spirit of adventure. In the modern era, boys and girls prefer to go overseas for better jobs. Their aim is to amass a lot of wealth in a short period of time and without too much exertion.

My ambition is simple enough. It is the service of the poor and the oppressed. Since my childhood, it has been my desire to help those who are in wretched condition. Most of the time I have left my work at the neighbors’ sobbing. I have put in a long stretch of time together to remove the reason for their distress. My heart is sobbing at seeing the people in poor condition. I do my level best to help them. I feel joyful when I find myself in the service of others. It bestows me a sort of peace of mind.
Choosing the profession that is best suited to you is the advice of wise people. So, we should choose a profession after due care, caution, and consultation. So far as I am concerned, since my childhood, I have always imagined myself as a doctor who is devoted to his work and has enough money. I would look upon it, not as a profession but as a mission. It is a noble and respectable job. If sincere and devoted, a doctor can do a lot of good to humanity. He is one of the most important servants of society. He has a special privilege to give his patients a new lease of life. He can rescue them from the jaws of death.

I feel extremely upset to see people suffer from varied ailments. Their moans and sobs pierce through my heart like poisonous arrows. It can‘t put up with all these pangs of misery I feel on ambers to see it. I wish I could come to their rescue and assistance. But I can’t ; doctors do it.

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It is obvious from what I have composed that administration of mankind will be my motto. I will not pursue wealth. I will dependably support poor people and the destitute. May God help me to accomplish it !

My Ambition in Life Essay


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