Morning is the best time of the day. At this time the air is pure, cool and fresh. A walk, at this time, therefore, is refreshing and medicine for health. It is like a shield which cures us from numerous diseases. It is found to be beneficial for patients with many health diseases like high blood pressure, fatty liver, and obesity.

To take care of our health is an obligation that we owe to ourselves. We must avail every opportunity to keep our body trim and healthy. Exercise is one of the essentials to keep our body fit. A walk being a kind of light exercise is very useful in keeping our body fit and fresh. It also releases us from the worries and anxieties. Whether you had a good sleep during the night or not, getting up early for a morning walk is ensured to enable you to begin the day with a new mind. Morning sun and cool air will support your mind-set and keep worries from settling in before all the worries of the day disturb you.

A morning walk brings us in contact with the charming beauty of nature in its pure form. Cool and pleasant breezes welcome us. The plants with multi-colored flowers and green leaves covered with dew drops prove a healing touch. With the first ray of the rising sun, the drops shine like pearls all along the green grass. The cool and fragrant breezes are really refreshing. Beautiful colours and scents present a charming atmosphere.

Morning Walk Benefits essay

Birds greet us on the way, with their melodious sweet notes. It leaves one spellbound. A romantic atmosphere is created that one does not want to part with. Nature is at its best and in full glow. Sunrise behind a hill-top or a mountain peak is worth watching. Its dignity and glamour are amazing to the human eye.

The sight and touch of the cool water of streams and rivers are very amazing. Their murmuring sounds in the calm mornings are so beautiful, that one feels in the lap of Paradise.


It prepares us for the day‘s work. We must make a morning walk a routine of our daily life. Everyone who goes to a morning walk regularly says it’s a great way to begin the day. Whether you go to your office or do some homework, waking up early and starting your day with a morning walk will surely stimulate you and get you into the temperament to start the day. So, the next time you start the day ahead of schedule with an easy morning walk instead of bouncing out of bed and hustling off to work.

At last, one of the significant advantages of a morning walk is that it encourages you to get a decent night’s rest. Truly, it causes you to begin the day right and end it right too. Walking practices the body while relaxing the mind. With an appropriately working circulatory system, strong muscles and a positive attitude, it is not too much difficult to perceive any reason why you will get a decent sleep every night.



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