Essay on Mahatma Ghandhi

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind” – Gandhi

While Mahatma Gandhi commonly known as bapu is viewed as the father of the Indian freedom movement, he also spent twenty years battling discrimation in South Africa. It was there that he built up the idea of satyagraha, a peaceful method (non-violent) for challenging treachery and injustice. Gandhi’s integrity, simplistic lifestyle and minimal dress endeavored him to the people of India. He spent much of his life working to improve poor people’s lives and free India from British rule.

Mahatma Gandhi was a mediocre student in his youth. He was shy and soft-speaking, though there was a short period of minor rebellion by his own admission! He married Kasturba (also spelled Kasturbai) at the age of 13-a marriage arranged. Kasturba bore four sons to Gandhi and supported his efforts unconditionally until her death in 1944.

On 30th january 1948, the 78-year-old Gandhi spent his last day as he had many others. A young extremist Hindu named Nathuram Godse stepped before him and bowed. Gandhi bowed back. Godse then rushed forward and shot Gandhi three times. Although Gandhi had survived five other assassination attempts, this time he fell to the ground, dead. His assassination was an international catastrophe.

A period of mourning was set aside at the United Nations General Assembly. The teachings of Gandhi were to inspire others, including Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela. Gandhi, a lifelong Hindu practitioner, was a passionate theologian and read about all major religions extensively. When asked if he was a Hindu later in his life, he answered: “Yes, I am. I am also a Christian, a Muslim.

Gandhiji’s entire life was full of lesson. Simple living and high thinking was the hallmark of his personality. He was peace loving. He set a great example of an ideal citizen for our country. The need of the hour is to read and spread the philosophy of Gandhiji and that way we will happily live our lives We should not believe in violence. We should keep our surroundings clean as this great leader taught us that. We shall not sit idle but work hard for the welfare of ourselves and for the betterment of the world. Gandhiji message is for everyone. This best to celebrate his birthday is to disseminate the philosophy of Gandhiji.

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