Masculine and Feminine Gender: Rules and List

Gender is from Latin genus meaning kind or sort. The difference of sex in nature is called the difference of gender in grammar. We know all living things are normally either of the male or female sex.
The noun that denotes male is called Masculine Gender; as, man, husband, brother, son, boy king, hero, lion, etc.
The noun that denotes female is called Feminine Gender; as, woman, wife, sister, daughter, girl, queen, heroin, lioness, etc
The noun that denotes either male, as well as the female, is called Common Gender; as, friend, child, pupil, parent, servant, thief, baby, infant, neighbour, monarch.
The noun that denotes a thing of no sex, that is, a thing without life is called Neutral Gender; as, book, pen, room, tree, window, street, door, table, desk, etc.
Neutral literally means ‘neither’.

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Masculine and feminine gender


By using an entirely different word.

Musculine Feminine  
Bachelor Spinster
Boy Girl
Father Mother
Man Woman
Brother Sister
Buck Doe
Bull,Ox Heifer
Ram Ewe
Wizard Witch
Saleman Salewoman
Colt Filly
Cock Hen
Drake Duck
Dog Bitch
Drone Bee
Earl Countess
Friar,Monk Nun
Gander Goose
Hart Roe
Stag Hind
Gentleman Lady
Horse Mare
Husband Wife
Foreman Forewoman
King Queen
Lord Lady
Milkboy Milkmaid
Lad Lass
Fox Vixen
Sire Dane
Nephew Niece
Uncle Ant
Sir Madam
Son Daughter
Papa Mamna
Boar Sow
Sailor Seamaid
Stallion Mare
Windower Widow
By using a word before or after.
Musculine Feminine
Bull-calf Cow-calf
Buck-rabbit Doe-rabbit
Cock- sparrow Hen-sparrow
He-goat She-goat
Jack-ass She-ass
Grandfather Grandmother
Peacock Peahen
Dairyman Diarymaid
Manfriend Womanfriend
Boybfriend Girlfriend
He-bear She-bear
Tom-cat She-cat
Dog-fox She-fox
Landlord Landlady
Manservant Maidservant
Greatuncle Greataunt
Washerman Washerwoman
Begger- man Begger-woman
Step-father Step-mother
Brother-in-law Sister-in-law
Step-son Step-daughter
Foreman Forewoman
Salesman Saleswoman
Tragedian Tragedienne
By adding the suffix -ess to the muculine
Masculine Feminine
Author Authoress
Baron Baroness
Count Countesd
Giant Giantess
God Goddess
Heir Heiress
Poet Poetess
Priest Priestess
Host Hostess
Jew Jewess
Tutor Tutoress
Manager Manageress
Mayor Mayoress
Patron Patroness
Peer Peeress
Prophet Prophetess
Shepherd Shepherdess
Steward Stewardess
Viscount Viscountess
Lion Lioness
Prince Princess
sorcerer sorceress
In the following examples, the suffix -ess is added after omitting the last syllable of the masculine.
Masculine Feminine
Actor Actress
Benefactor Benefactress
Conductor Conductress
Director Directress
Enchantor Enchantress
Founder Foundress
Hunter Huntress
Inspector Inspectress
Instructor Instructress
Negro Negress
Abbot Abbess
Murderer Murderess
Proprietor Proprietress
Protector Protectress
Governor Governess
Marquis Marchioness
Adventurer Adventuress
Caterer Cateress
Duke Duchess
Emperor Empress
Preceptor Preceptress
Songster Songstress
Tempter Temptress
Tiger Tigress
Seamster Seamstress
Traitor Traitress
Votary Votaress
Master Mistress
Waiter Waitress
Note The suffix -ess is the commonest suffix used to form feminine from masculine and is the only one which we now use in forming a new feminine noun.

Masculine Feminine
Administrator Administratrix
Beau Belle
Czar Czarina
Executor Executrix
Signor Signora
Prosecutor Prosecutrix
Testator Testatrix
Sultan Sultana
Francis Frances
Hero Heroine
Tragedian Tragedienne
Masculine and Feminine Gender: Rules and List


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