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  1. Helpful material i must say
    Thanks Sir

  2. irfan gull says:

    sir aagar hamay download karna hota hum kisya karay unko (any option to PDF File)

  3. Jehangir ahmad lone says:

    where are the other lessons ,sir

    1. Click on menu button and then open Home page there you will find your desired lessons.Enjoy reading and help to spread the joy.

  4. Mohamad Swaid says:

    Very nice answers

  5. Amazing answers and precise.

  6. Mir Raqeeb says:

    Excellent work..keep it up

  7. It was really nice yrr.agar tum ye questions na dalte toh pta nhi mera kya hota

    1. Saqib Ganaie. says:

      It is Very helpful for us.Thank you. ………

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