The Adventures of Toto: Summary, Question Answers, 2

The Adventures of Toto: Summary, Question Answers,

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The Adventures of Toto | Summary

The author’s grandfather was a great lover of animals. He had made a zoo at home in which he would keep animals and gave them a lot of care. In his zoo, one could see a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and pet goats. One day he saw a pretty monkey. The monkey was a pet animal of a tonga driver. The tonga driver used to keep the red monkey tied with the feeding trough but it looked extremely tragic there. When the grandfather saw the monkey, he was so fascinated that he purchased the monkey from the tonga driver for a total of five rupees.

The Adventures of Toto

The Adventures of Toto

However, Toto’ a presence was not revealed at home because the grandmother disliked the new arrival of animals at home. Toto was extremely insidious and destructive. When the writer and his grandfather concealed Toto in a pantry and fixing him to a peg, he broke the peg, tore wallpapers and author’s blazer and caused ruin in the room. The following day, when he was kept in the servant’s room with different other animals, he didn’t give them a chance to rest throughout the night. In this way, he never let other animals live in harmony with the other pets. He proved to be an expensive deal.

One day the grandfather had to go to Saharanpur for work, he chose to take the monkey along with him. He conveyed Toto in a solid sack made of canvas and shut the zip pleasantly so that Toto couldn’t get away. Toto made unsuccessful attempts to escape the sack, which made the sack back bounce and roll. This excited the interest of individual travellers at the railway station. At the Saharanpur railway station when grandfather was getting his ticket checked, Toto looked out of the sack and grinned at the ticket collector. As the ticket collector proclaimed that it was a dog, grandfather needed to purchase a fare ticket for 3 rupees for him.

The Adventures of Toto

When at last grandmother came to know about Toto and also acknowledged him, it was given a place in the stable along with the donkey Nana. Toto did not coexist with Nana too. The night Toto passed with Nana was full of disturbance. When Grandfather visited the stable he found Toto fastened on to Nana’s long ears with his sharp little teeth. They could never become friends.

Toto would take delight in washing up in warm water in the winter season. One day, he nearly bubbled himself when he hopped into a kettle of boiling water.

One evening, Toto ate the family feast of pulao. He tossed the unfilled dish from the tree and it broke it into a few pieces.

Toto’s mischiefs developed constantly and grandfather realized that they couldn’t afford him at home. At last, he found the same tonga driver and sold Toto back to him for an aggregate of three rupees.

The Adventures of Toto | Questions And Answers

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Question No.1 How did Toto come to grandfathers private zoo?
Answer:- Toto was a pet animal of a tonga driver who used to tie the monkey to a feeding trough. When the grandfather saw the monkey, he thought that the monkey would be a good thing for his private zoo. Thus, he bought Toto from the tongawallah for five rupees.

Question No. 2 Toto was a pretty monkey In what sense is Toto pretty?
Answer:- Toto was a pretty beast in the sense that it had pearly white teeth and bright mischievous eyes. His tail, besides helping him scooping up things, also added to his good looks.

Question No. 3 Why does Grandfather take Toto to Saranpur and how?
Answer:- Toto was a menace for everyone in the household. He would not let the other pets sleep at night. So, in order to provide some relief to other animals in the zoo Grandfather thought of carrying Toto to Saharanpur with himself. He fetched a canvas kit bag, put Toto in it and carried him to Saharanpur.

Question No.4 Why does the ticket collector insist on calling Toto a dog?
Answer: The ticket collector was following his rulebooks. As there seems to be no rule for fixing a monkey’s fare, so he equated Toto with a dog for the monkey was a quadruped. Ticket collector’s insight categorised all pets of a certain size and form as dogs.

Question No.5 How does Toto take a bath? Where has be learnt to do this?
Answer:- Toto firstly tests the temperature of the water with his hand. Then he steps into the bath until he is neck-deep into the water. After that, he starts rubbing himself with a cake of soap. As monkeys are good at aping others, Toto has also learnt all these steps of bathing while watching the narrator doing the same.

Question No.6 How does Toto almost boil himself alive?
Answer: A large kettle full of water has been left on the fire to boil for the tea. Finding the water warm enough, Toto tumbles into it. He is on tenterhooks when the water starts boiling. It seems Toto is not intelligent enough to understand the danger of hot water so he pops his head up and down in the kettle. Fortunately, Grandmother sees and hauls him half boiled out of the kettle. OR

Toto was an adventurous and mischievous monkey. He enjoyed upsetting everything. He enjoyed a bath.
Once a large kettle containing water had been left on the fire to prepare tea. Toto removed the lid and got into
the kettle. Soon the water began to boil. Grandmother happened to come into the kitchen. She saw that Toto stood in the kettle. She hauled him out of the kettle.

Actually grandmother saved his life, otherwise, Toto would have burnt himself alive.

Question No.7 Which activity of Toto annoyed grandmother?
Answer: Grandmother had arranged a large dish of pullao on the dining table for lunch. Finding the food on the table, Toto picked up the dish of pullao and escaped out through a window. He stayed in the branches of the jackfruit and stuffed with all the grains of rice. After that, he threw the dish down from the papaya tree. When the dish broke into pieces, he chattered with merriment. Nobody would like such kind of behaviour, and grandmother was no exception.

Question No. 8 Why does the author say, “Toto was not the sort of pet we could keep for long”?
Answer:- Toto had adopted a habit of ruining things, tearing clothes and breaking dishes. The author was not in the position to afford the repeated loss of things because he was not well-to-do. So, he says, “Toto was not the sort of pet we could for long”.

The Adventures of Toto
The Adventures of Toto

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