The Power of Self-confidence (A Small story)

There was a business manager who was heavily indebted. He could not solve his problems. Creditors forced him to pay debts. Suppliers also demanded payment. He was sitting on a park bench. He kept his head in his hands. He deeply wondered if anything could protect his company from bankruptcy.

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An old man suddenly appeared before him. “I see you’re disturbed by something,” he said.
The manager told the old man his problems. After hearing the problems of the manager, the old man said, “I think I can help you.”
The old man wrote a check and put it in the hand of the manager. “Take this money,” said the old man. Meet me here exactly one year after today, and at that time you can pay me back my money. ” Then the old man turned and quickly disappeared. The company manager saw a $ 500,000 check signed by John D Rockefeller, one of the world’s richest men!

The manager was very surprised. He was not able to believe what happened. “In an instant, I can erase my money problems!” he realized. He decided to place the check in his safe. He decided that his check should only be used in the most terrible situation.
Now he’s got a lot of happiness. He had a lot of faith. He negotiated better deals and extended the payment period with new optimism. He made a couple of big sales. He was out of debt in a few months. Again he began to earn money.

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The Power of Self-confidence  (A Small story)

Positive Thinking

Exactly one year later he returned with an uncashed check to the park. The old man appeared at the same time. The manager declared his success and thanked him. But instantly a nurse rushed to the old man and gripped his hand.

The nurse said to the manager, “I am so happy that I caught him. I hope he doesn’t disturb you. He always fled the mental hospital. He tells people that he is John D. Rockefeller.”
The nurse then took away the old man from the place by a vehicle. The amazed manager stood there. He was astonished. Throughout the year he was very confident. He thought he had a check worth half a million dollars. Then the man realized that his life did not change due to this check rather it was because of his self- confidence that his life changed. His newly established “self- confidence” gave him the power to do anything.

The Power of Self-confidence

The Power of Self-confidence

Moral: Self-confidence can move mountains.

Safe (noun) = a strong metal box with a strong lock.
bankruptcy (noun) = The state of not having enough money to pay the debts.
woes (noun) = the troubles and problems.
Instant (noun) = moment.
Abundant (adjective) = existing in large quantities; more than enough.
Grip (verb) = take/hold something firmly with your hand suddenly.
Astonished (adjective) = very surprised
Stunned (adjective) = very surprised
Optimism (noun) = positive thinking.

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