#Writing Prompts

Can you create a story like the one below or elaborate the same story?

There is a family in London. The name of the family is grammar. In the family, there lives a couple Mr Noun and Mrs Verb who always agree with each other. The couple has three children: a son and two daughters. The name of the son is Pronoun and the names of two daughters are Adjective and Adverb. The son( Pronoun) has all the work of his father ( noun) in his absence. The two daughters love each other but there is a difference in them. Adjective loves her father and brother and keeps praising them. While Adverb loves her mother more and she always modifies her when there is a need. There are also two servants in the family: Preposition and Conjunction. The Proposition is the chief servant. He is the official servant of his master. Conjunction is a family servant and joins every member of the family. The interjection looks after the family in times of joy and sorrow.

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