Outline of The Story Moti Guj Mutineer

Moti Guj is a large and powerful elephant that clears the forest land for coffee planting. He is owned by a dissipated mahout, Deesa, to whom he is devoted. One day Deesa asks to leave for a drunk orgy and the planter gives him ten days off, provided that Moti Guj works well while he is away. Deesa tells the elephant that he has to work for Chihun for ten days, another mahout, and departs. To the surprise of the planter, Moti Guj works well–for 10 days. However, on the eleventh day, he refuses to do his daily work and walks around the camp in search of Deesa and violently causes trouble.

Moti Guj Mutineer

Moti Guj Mutineer

Moti Guj Mutineer Summary

The story is about a powerful and magnificent elephant referred to as Moti Guj, who is employed by a coffee-planter to uproot stumps in some forest land that is being cleared for coffee planting. This “very best of elephants” belongs to “the terribly worst of mahouts” – a drunkard known as Deesa. After a tough day’s work, Deesa continuously gets drunk with a mixed drink, sharing his liquor with the elephant, and calling him with a range of terms of love and abuse.

One day, Deesa decides that he should get a break from his workman’s toil, and decides to go off in search of drunken orgy. He wants himself properly drunk. He asks for permission from the planter, who tells him that he will depart for 10 days, however on condition that he can instruct Moti Guj to work under the directions of another driver, a gentle married man referred to as Chihun. Deesa agrees, and Moti Guj begins hauling stumps beneath Chihun’s care.

Chihun’s partner and baby pamper Moti Guj, and Chihun treats him very well. However, Moti Guj “was a bachelor by instinct, like as Deesa was”, and doesn’t perceive the “domestic emotions”. For 10 days Moti Guj works smoothly, and on the eleventh day, When Deesa doesn’t return – and Moti Guj goes on strike and starts rebelling.

Chihun calls him to come back to his work, but Moti Guj does not obey. He strolls around, creating fun of the other elephants WHO had simply set to work.

He refused to wrench out stumps and hence became mutineer. The threat of Chihun had no effect on him. He was still unmanageable, ruined the garden, disturbed other elephants in their work and talked about their rights.

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Even, the planter tries to control him, chain-whip him with the help of two other elephants, however, Mot Guj was the most powerful and unmanageable beast that his taskmasters-to-be decide at the last minute to change their attitude and pretend that they had “brought the chain out for amusement”.

In this way, Moti Guj continues strolls around, “talking nonsense regarding labour and also the inalienable rights of elephants and idleness around ” till finally, at dawn the following day Deesa returns, has a joyous reunion with Moti Guj, and – to the planter’s astonishment – they get back to work clearing stumps.

I love this story. Joseph Rudyard Kipling has the gift of drawing implausibly desirable characters, and his human description of Moti Guj is completely uproarious.

I consider Joseph Rudyard Kipling to be India’s initial Nobelist, and definitely the best Indian author and author of the twentieth century. I don’t suppose Rudyard Kipling himself would have liked abundantly to be referred to as an Indian author. However, after you write one thing, your story defines you rather than vice verse. Kipling’s poems are the most effective – he incorporates an ear for the rhythms of English language that is incomparable by any author before or since – however, his short stories (like Moti Guj) are patently terribly, very good.

Moti Guj

Moti Guj

Moti Guj Mutineer | Questions Answers

1. Why did Muti Guj love his master even though he would beat him sometimes?

Ans. Deesa used to beat Muti Guj whenever he was drunk. Muti Guj did not mind this for he knew that after the beating was over, Deesa would embrace him. He would give him a lot of grass to eat and some liquor Deesa would call him his love. Therefore, Muti Guj had also developed a great intimacy with Deesa.


Ans. Moti Guj loved his master very much even though he would beat him sometimes because he knew that his master would beat him only because of excessive drinking. Moreover, after the beating was over, Moti Guj knew that his master would hug him and give him his favourite liquor.

2. How long was Deesa to be away and how did he tell Moti Guj about this?

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Ans. Deesa was supposed to be away from the plantation for ten days. Deesa had a peculiar way of making Moti Guj aware of his holidays. He took a tent peg and hit Moti Guj ten times on the nails of his forefeet. In this way, he convinced his elephant about his holidays.


Ans. Deesa was to stay away for ten days. Deesa conveyed this to Muti Guj verbally as well as he also hit the elephant ten times on his nails.

3. What were the lies Deesa told his employer? Why did he tell such dread full stories?

Ans. First, Deesa said that his mother had died. Then he lied about the death of his wives. He fabricated these dreadful stories so that he would be allowed to take a leave.


Ans. Deesa told three lies one after the other. At first, he told the planter that his mother had died but the planter reminded Deesa that he had told this lie twice before. Then Deesa told him that it was his aunt who had died. The planter was not convinced, so Deesa told the third lie that there was plague in his village due to which all his wives were dying. This also did not work because Chihun informed the planter that Deesa had not even a single wife. Deesa was not satisfied with the small amount of liquor he had. He wanted to take leave for some days in order to be properly drunk. That is why he told the planter these lies.

4. How did Dessa look after Moti Guj?

Ans. Deesa looked after Muti Guj very well. Once in a weak Deesa used to take him to the river and rub his body with coir swab and a brick. Deesa used to examine Muti Guj‘s feet, eyes and ears in case of sores.


Ans. Deesa looked after Moti Guj very affectionately. Once a week, he led Moti Guj into the river. The elephant would lay by his side and his master would bathe him with the help of a coir swab and a brick. Moti Guj was so used to this procedure that he would never misunderstand the pounding or smacking done by his master for him to turn over. Finally, he would carefully examine his eyes, ears and feet in case of sores.

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5. How did Moti Guj bid Deesa good bye?

Ans. Muti Guj bid Deesa good bye by swinging him in the air.


Ans. Moti Guj put his trunk around Deesa and swung him twice in air. This was his way of bidding goodbye to his master.

6. Why did Moti Guj become a mutineer?

Ans. Deesa was to stay away for ten days only. But when Deesa did not return on the eleventh day, Muti Guj refused to obey Chihun‘s order. He refused to wrench out stumps and hence became mutineer. The threat of Chihun had no effect on him. He was still unmanageable, ruined the garden, disturbed other elephants in their work and talked about their rights.


Ans. Moti Guj worked hard for ten days in spite of his loneliness without his master. But, when his master outstayed the leave and did not return on the said day, he became unmanageable and rebelled against the authorities. Thus, he became a mutineer.

7. How did Moti Guj react to Dessa”s return?

Ans. When Deesa returned, Muti Guj was very happy. He fell into Deesa‘s arms.The man and the beast wept and slobbered over each other.


Ans. When Deesa returned, he called his elephant using a mysterious elephant language. In response to this, Moti Guj came running to his master and fell into his arms, trumpeting with joy. Both of them wept and slobbered each other.

8. Why was chinun angry with Moti Guj? How did Moti Guj react to his remarks?

Ans. When the eleventh day morning dawned, Deesa did not return. Moti Guj refused to work and was converted into a mutineer. Moti Guj came back for food in the evening, but Chihun refused to give him any food. He blasphemed Moti Guj and called him a wild animal. Moti Guj lifted Chihun ‘s child with his trunk Chihun had to give a lot of food and drink to the elephant as a random lot of food and Guj became a mutineer.


Ans. Chihun was angry with Moti Guj because he disobeyed him and refused to work on the plantation. In spite of his threatening, he went out of the control and did not bother about Chihun’s threats. He bent his ears forward and trumped loudly in order to show violation against his temporary master.

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