With a high IQ, you will certainly have the opportunity to do well in some feared tasks: to do the unimaginable and to deal with everything, including extraordinary things. A strange number of drawbacks are attached to it.

Read on and find out what really bugs super-smart people.

1. You are more likely to suffer from depression

“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” – Hemingway, It is common for intelligent people to suffer from loneliness, anger and depression because of their increased thinking and different worldviews.

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2. You have a habit of over-analyzing everything

Overthought! It is the hardest feature to be smart. They always analyze bigger problems in their minds that they can not solve. This is why they tend to find themselves depressed. These people have a completely different view than ordinary people. You try to escape unsatisfactory feelings by using your imagination. They believe that in this world they will find infinite peace and they will be lost in their imagination.

What Bugs Intelligent People?

3. You risk appearing/being arrogant.

You’re acquainted. You’re really logical. You know what you’re saying. You can easily identify and counter fallacies in debates. Whether with your content or your oratory, you talk or win the debate. That’s fantastic! People don’t like it except. They do not like to question their beliefs, their reasoning to be invalidated and their choices to prove themselves to be wrong. Of course, you could concentrate on the content and enjoy intellectual stimulation, but you would be surprised to know how people get personal. To their ears, you are just an arrogant brat trying to prove everyone stupid. (or perhaps you are trying to prove them stupid, in case of which, you are arrogant).

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4. You are automatically expected to be the best, no matter what

People expect too much from them because they are smart. Smart people are generally overwhelmed by such expectations. ” You have no one to talk about your insecurities and weaknesses. ” You are panicked at what ‘d happen if you didn’t snuff up. ” This makes you so cautious about your failure that you sometimes can not afford to take risks just because you fear that if you lose what would happen, “.

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5. You are supposed to not need any kind of help.

Hey, you are smart! What else do you need in life? So what if you missed a month of classes due to illness? You are a brilliant scholar, smart enough to catch up. You don’t need my class notes. Did boss give you the toughest client? You can manage him all by yourself, you are so smart! Too many chores at home? You are smart, you can multitask, you don’t need a hand. Problems in personal life? Why you are so smart, you give solutions to everyone in their problems. Why would you need a shoulder? Be it out of resentment or sheer supposition, people just take it for granted that you can do everything by yourself and never need any help, guidance or support. (And if you can really manage with no help, you are arrogant.)

6. Jealousy surrounds you.

Smartness, as I take it, is a multifaceted virtue. It’s not just IQ, or just wit, or just rote knowledge. It’s a combination of bits of intelligence, wisdom, good soft skills, and a pleasing personality. Smartness is also problematic. People known for one, distinct forte are different from smart people, who are known for a number of things. Except for immediate ‘competitors’, people who are known distinctly for their beauty, or IQ, or athletic abilities, or art, or anything is largely appreciated and welcomed. But come up against someone who has a bit of intelligence AND knows a thing or two about art AND speaks well AND has a good degree AND has a decent dressing sense… and you start squirming. Smart, multifaceted people face more jealousy in the common society than experts do.

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7. You understand how much you don’t know.

“Intelligence is a curse when … the more you know, the more you feel the less you know.- Mike Farkas Being super-intelligent often means appreciating the limits of your own cognition. Try as you might, you’ll never be able to learn or understand everything.

8. Inability to relate to average people

These people do not enjoy every conversation they go through. For this reason, they experience a serious feeling of loneliness. If they can’t manage to devote their lives to something, life is meaningless for them. When they realize that they don’t carry the same worries as their peers, they choose to stay on their own. For this reason, these people have a tendency to go through suicidal phases.

What Bugs Intelligent People?

9. Ultimately, you are alone.

Aren’t we all? Well, not precisely in the narrow sense. Many intelligent people become introvert. Those who still don’t have a few friends can count on. It’s hard for you to find friends who aren’t with you for your intelligent solutions, who aren’t under pressure from your intelligence and don’t hate it. It’s hard to find friends who can get past the dominant presence of your intelligence and find the person within you. It’s hard to find friends who don’t accept anything about you because you’re clever. You are alone, except those few special people.

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