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Solitude By Ella Wheeler Wilcox summary and Questions Answers

Ella Wheeler Wilcox was an American author and poet. She is well known through her works that are full of social criticism, in her poems she expresses sentiments of cheer and optimism in plainly written, rhyming verse. Her popular works include Poems of Passion (1883) and Solitude (1883).

The Wind Robert Louis Stevenson Summary and Question and Answers

The Wind Robert Louis Stevenson Though we can not see the wind, we can know that it is there. When do we see things being moved by the wind? We see flags wave on top of buildings, trees move, our hair waves in the wind; we feel the touch of wind on our bodies, and …

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Still I Rise- Summary, Analysis and Question Answers

Still I Rise is an empowering poem written by African – American poet Maya Angelou. The speaker of the poem is a black woman who addresses the white oppressor as ‘You’

Another Woman By Imtiaz Dharker Summary and Question Answers

Another Woman is a poem about social evil and it narrates a personal saga of victim lady. In a simple and sympathetic language, the poem details the inhuman treatment of society on women. Specifically, it deals with the evil of dowry.

My Shadow – Summary and Questions Answers

Summary of the poem My Shadow “My Shadow” has been written by Robert Stevenson and was first published in1885. The poem describes the excitement of a child who is innocently fascinated by his own shadow. It also illustrates the imaginations of a child and the pleasure that children obtain in ordinary things. This poem is …

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The Orphan Girl – Summary and Questions and Answers

“The Orphan Girl” is a heart-touching poem written by Derozio. The poem is about a young girl who has lost her parents. While drawing sympathy for the orphan girl, the poet makes readers think of a society that often gives a deaf ear to the problems faced by the distressed.

Hunger by Jayanta Mahapatra – Summaries and Questions Answers

Jayant Mahapatra’s poems explore the influence of local realities in creating the depth of one’s feeling and sensitivity. ‘Hunger’ is a poem about the degraded condition of people who live below the poverty line. The poem explores the degradation of humanity in poverty when the next meal is doubtful. Hunger can make one compromise on moral values, human relationships and companionship. This is the underlying lesson of the poem.

Ode On Solitude: Summary and Questions Answers

The Poets deepest desire is that he should have a few acres of his own land, where he is happy to live and work. He will be happy to breathe the air of his native land. It means that he is happy with what he has in his native place and he does not wish to have more.

A Time to Believe – Summary and Questions Answer

The poem A Time to Believe by B J Morbitzer is a thought-provoking and inspirational poem. It aims to give the readers hope and reasons to believe in better things, in order to change their lives. This motivational poem encourages readers to always be hopeful and to fulfil all hopes and goals with trust and self-confidence. Thus, the main theme of this poem is to have faith and belief on yourself.

Sailing to Byzantium written by William Butler Yeats Summary and Questions Answers

The poem was written in the autumn of 1926. Yeats’s knowledge of the city was largely derived from his reading of W.G. Holmes, The Age of Justinian and Theodora (1905). Byzantium is a holy city, as the capital of eastern Christianity and as the place where God exists because of the life after death Yeats imagines existing there. His description of Byzantium shows that he valued the position of the artist in the city.

Freedom by Jayanta Mahapatra Summary and Solved Questions

Freedom by Jayanta Mahapatra is about his concept of freedom. It is not the kind of freedom we all have understood. It is a different kind of freedom.

Leisure by William Davies – Summary, Explanation and Solved Questions

The poem Leisure by William Davies conveys a wonderful message about how we are busy with our own lives and have little time to enjoy our surroundings and nature. He blamed people in this poem for the fact that we are like a machine and run every day without knowing the little information about our world.

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