Summary of the poem Ode to The Rain .

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smartenglishnotes Staff answered 2 years ago
Ode to Rain is a short poem. It is about rain. The Ode is composed in iambic pentameter. The poetry starts with three parts representing the effects of the rain upon the earth, air, and ocean. In the last two sections, the author talks straight to the rain, asking for its strength, to lift him up and make him its partner in its wanderings.
The rain says it falls from the sky in the form of silver strands thrown down on land to enhance fields and valleys.
The rain says when it moves through hills crying, they smile. When it falls on herbs, they hop in joy. All things on land are celebrating with its appearance.
The rain says it is a sort of real, genuine love. It is like the whisper from a sea of deep passions; Laughter from the rich field of the spirit; Tears from the eternal world of thoughts.