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Wonders of Science Essay

Wonders of Science Essay in English


Science As Blessing Or Curse

“Society lives by faith and develops by science” –Amiel

It is rightly said that the dreams of yesterday had been made possible by the various inventions of science. Today we can fly like birds in the air and swim like fish in the sea with the help of great inventions made by science. We travel a lot of distance of years in days and that of days in minutes by the various inventions of science. We can live in warm and comfortable rooms in the severe winter and in cool and pleasant rooms in the hot summer with the help fascinating inventions of science. Science has really brought miraculous changes in every aspect of life. The wonders of science are more fascinating than Alladin’s miraculous lamp, Shah Jahan’s dream marble and the Great Wall of China.

Science is the key which unlocks for mankind the storehouses of nature” –Samuel

Wonders or blessings of science.

The inventions of science have led to the development of fast means of transport. Railway, ships, and aerplanes have enabled us to travel from one place to another in the shortest possible time. Time and space have been destroyed and the world has become a smaller unit. Space travel has become a possibility and the brave astronauts have landed on the moon. That day is not far when a regular space ship service from the earth to moon and back would become reality.
Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of science. It works like Alladin’s lamp. It turns darkness into brightness. It not only removes darkness but also runs our machines and enables us to send messages to different parts of the world by wireless waves. Science has enabled the modern man to have a sweet talk with his relatives, friends and beloved on the mobile phone. The refrigerators, washing machines, the cooking gas, and the electric kettle have reduced the housewife’s work. Nuclear power is being used to launch rockets and missiles which can send a man into space.

Horrors of science

Science had given us multiple means of entertainment. Radio, transistor, smartphone, cinema, and television provide us good entertainment. They save from feeling bored. Science has also enabled us to conquer Nature. The sea has been measured. Rivers have been tamed and many powerful dams have been made across them.

Science has worked wonders in the field of disease. Now even the most dangerous diseases are cured. With the help of X-rays, it has become very easy to locate the injury or the fracture of the patient. The inventions of penicillin, antibiotics, and radium have proved very useful. Operations are performed in a painless manner. Many dangerous diseases like T.B. and cancer are no longer considered dangerous. Plastic surgery enables an ugly woman to become a beautiful belle. The discoveries of science can give us a new heart. Dr. Bernard of South Africa made history when he transplanted the heart of a dead person into the body of a living person. An Indian born scientist Dr. Har Gobind Khorana has made the gene, the smallest unit of life in the laboratory. This is an amazing achievement in science. It has the production of the test tube baby.
Science has revolutionized the world of existing machines. Computers and smartphones are doing the work calculations of thousands of clerks. There are thinking machines which can do brain work, and which can handle records. The invention of tractors, threshers, and harvesters has made the task of agriculture a pleasant one. Scientific research in agriculture had improved the quality of seeds, cattle, and manure. Better fertilizers are available. They have increased food production many times more than before.

Science has also brought remarkable improvement in the sanitary condition of towns and cities. Underground sewerage, better roads, and flush system are the achievements of science. Insecticides, pesticides, and disinfectants which are the products of science, have eliminated the harm done by locusts and pests to crops.

“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so” –Shakespeare

This it is clear that science had brought many blessings to mankind. If science is used in a proper manner, it can reduce the suffering of man. Though science has brought countless blessings to mankind yet the question is raised whether it is curse also. It makes life comfortable but it is also the devil. It can reduce the whole into ashes in no time. No doubt atomic energy has brought a revolution in human civilization, but at the same time, nuclear weapons can destroy the whole world in no time. The example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is before us. Science has produced many deadlier weapons which made wars very horrible. The man was never so insecure as he is today.

Science as blessing or curse

Science has also polluted our atmosphere. Our seas, river, and lakes are dead and dying. There are no values and morality. The advanced countries and exploiting poor countries. Man has developed materially but he has made no moral progress.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with science, it is up to man to the knowledge either for development or destruction. The fault does not lie with the science but with the user. Main has misused science for his selfish gains. So, it is up to man to use the enormous power of science for the promotion of peace and happiness of mankind. It should never be used for a negative or evil purpose. The wonders of science ought to be used for the welfare of mankind.

Essay On Student Unrest

Student Unrest Essay

“A hot temper leaps o’er a cold decree” – Shakespeare

The phrase student unrest usually refers to demonstrations, the occupation of campus buildings and even some minor riots by students. It is shown in schools in the form of riots, demonstrations, protests, costs, harassment, etc. Sometimes it becomes a disturbing trend in the socio-political life of the society. It is essential that the unrest of students be checked before it reaches an alarming level and it poses a great threat to our social development. Student unrest is not a peculiar problem, it also occurs in Europe and America. However, in Advanced Countries, the unrest of students is not conducted in a violent manner. Students protest using means such as display posters, peaceful rallies and letters to parliament. Students in Ghana need to learn how to protest in a non-violent manner. Students must be free to exercise their rights, but they must not take things too far. Students are our leaders of tomorrow, So they must be disciplined so that they will continue on that path when they grow.

Student Unrest

The universal unrest among youth in general and students, in particular, is becoming one of the most striking features of modern society. The strikes and agitations, processions and demonstrations, gheraos and defiance of authority are actually the expressions of the unrest in the minds of students.
Unrest among the youth is a thing which is neither unnatural not undesirable. Youth, by virtue of its mental and emotional makeup, is impulsive and excitable, restive and impatient. Shakespeare considered youth as hot, bold and wild.

There is nothing dangerous in unrest by itself. In fact, unrest paves the way for progress. It stands for dynamism. It is the unrest in the minds of men that have generated revolutions in the world. It gives birth to new ideas and ideals which have a permanent impression on the minds of the people. As such students unrest should be welcome to us as teachers, parents, and statesmen. However, the unrest among students today has assumed a dangerous proportion. The students defy law and order and disobey even their parents. The damage and destroy public property. They burn buses and government buildings and detain railway trains. The appeals of teachers, the lathis teargas and even the bullets of the police do not frighten them. As a result, colleges and universities are closed for an indefinite period.

The student unrest is a problem of great magnitude. There are scholars who believe that the unrest in the student community is a part of the general unrest in the country and the world. Today, India is passing through a period of great stress and strain, reconstruction and transformation. The old order and values have collapsed and a new order is taking its place. Standing between two worlds, one dead and other yet to be born, the students view and review the various developments in the country. The modern student is not a weak, docile and submissive creature. He scrutinizes everything with a critical mind. He feels unhappy and discontented in a setup where crooks and dishonest people thrive. All these things create unrest in the minds of students.

The Importance of Character

The importance of Character

Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says that among all human beings, he loves the one whose character is the best. The character may be defined as the sum total of qualities that a man possess. It is the greatest and most powerful factor in human life. Punctuality and discipline are the surest qualities of fine character. A man of character is one who can make his influence felt among his fellow human beings. He stands out from the common run of mankind by virtue of his distinctive qualities. Most people have no individuality of their own. They are just sheep. They are colorless shadows, without any special mark to distinguish them from others. But a man of character is easily recognized by his behavior, opinions, and bearing. All the great men of history were men of a character otherwise they would never have achieved name or fame.

The importance of Character

The first essential of character is moral courage. Moral courage means the courage to face hatred, oppression, criticism for the sake of what we believe to be right. It requires a lot of courage to follow a course of action at which most people laugh. A person who breaks social customs and conventions must have courage. A girl from an orthodox Hindu must have mountains of courage before she decides to marry a boy of a low caste.
A man of character does not believe in duplicity or diplomacy or treachery to achieve an end. Honesty, fidelity, and reliability are paramount ingredients of character. A man of character does not like corrupt policies. He does not like underhand means. He fights for the right cause. He is a champion of the underdog. He is a believer in justice and fairness. He does not like to grow rich by unfair means and by corrupt practices.

A man of character has firm determination and strong will power. He knows how to carry out his plans without the fear of defeat or disappointment. He has tenacity and perseverance. He does not care for obstacles and difficulties. He is rewarded for his perseverance. Garibaldi bore several hardships before he liberated his country from the foreign yoke. Columbus had the fitness of will. He discovered America despite stronger opposition from fellow sailors to sail further.
David Livingstone was inspired by the strong determination in his discovery of exploration of the dark African content.
Another essential feature of character is the capacity to act, to execute, to do things and to give them a practical shape. We may be great idealists. If we lack the will to translate our ideas into action we would be dreamers.

A man of character is never governed merely by sentiment. He knows when to strike the nail on the head. A man of character is consistent in his actions. He is not an opportunist. His actions are not governed merely by self-interest. He is guided by certain principles. He does not give up those principles unless he is convinced that they are false. He is not a turncoat, not a weathercock. But he is elastic enough to adjust himself to changing circumstances. A man of character is not a time server who can easily shift his point of view solely to personal advantage.

Character demands a certain faith in one’s powers. Without this faith, no faith worth the name is possible. All other qualities are nothing besides this hopeful attitude to life. Faith and confidence are basic qualities with which to assert one’s character.
This character is a good combination of several qualities. It is the sum total of moral courage, honesty, and integrity, firm determination, capacity for action, consistency, and faith in one’s ability. All great men of the world possessed these qualities in ample measure.

Essay on Mahatma Ghandhi

Essay on Mahatma Ghandhi

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind” – Gandhi

While Mahatma Gandhi commonly known as bapu is viewed as the father of the Indian freedom movement, he also spent twenty years battling discrimation in South Africa. It was there that he built up the idea of satyagraha, a peaceful method (non-violent) for challenging treachery and injustice. Gandhi’s integrity, simplistic lifestyle and minimal dress endeavored him to the people of India. He spent much of his life working to improve poor people’s lives and free India from British rule.

Mahatma Gandhi was a mediocre student in his youth. He was shy and soft-speaking, though there was a short period of minor rebellion by his own admission! He married Kasturba (also spelled Kasturbai) at the age of 13-a marriage arranged. Kasturba bore four sons to Gandhi and supported his efforts unconditionally until her death in 1944.

On 30th january 1948, the 78-year-old Gandhi spent his last day as he had many others. A young extremist Hindu named Nathuram Godse stepped before him and bowed. Gandhi bowed back. Godse then rushed forward and shot Gandhi three times. Although Gandhi had survived five other assassination attempts, this time he fell to the ground, dead. His assassination was an international catastrophe.

A period of mourning was set aside at the United Nations General Assembly. The teachings of Gandhi were to inspire others, including Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela. Gandhi, a lifelong Hindu practitioner, was a passionate theologian and read about all major religions extensively. When asked if he was a Hindu later in his life, he answered: “Yes, I am. I am also a Christian, a Muslim.

Gandhiji’s entire life was full of lesson. Simple living and high thinking was the hallmark of his personality. He was peace loving. He set a great example of an ideal citizen for our country. The need of the hour is to read and spread the philosophy of Gandhiji and that way we will happily live our lives We should not believe in violence. We should keep our surroundings clean as this great leader taught us that. We shall not sit idle but work hard for the welfare of ourselves and for the betterment of the world. Gandhiji message is for everyone. This best to celebrate his birthday is to disseminate the philosophy of Gandhiji.

Mothers’ Expectations From Her Children: A Beautiful Message For All Amazing Mothers.

Parents expectation from their child: A beautiful message for all amazing mothers.

In this post, I am sharing a very beautiful short dialogue between a mother and her son. I love the message of the story and therefore wish to share it on this special day what we call Mothers’Day.

This story tells us what a mother expects from her children when they are grown up. It makes the point that when the job of a mother as mentor and guide for her child is over, she expects her child to be a fine human character, that is, to be honest, to be kind and sympathetic, to be compassionate, to respect others, to maintain self-respect, to be responsible, to be giving and to be caring.

She doesn’t want worldly luxuries from her children. When her children are grown up, she expects them to treat her with respect and love, and treat others also with respect, and be the best human beings.

Read the story and if you like the message share it.

Mothers Day

Mother(to her son): I battled with death when I was bringing forth you. I spent restless nights when you were ill and crying. I never ate without stuffing you first. I never felt disgusted upon washing your potty. I bore such huge numbers of torments to bring you to the phase that you are in today. “How will you repay me, my son”?

Son: When I grow up, I will get a decent line of work and gain a lot of cash for you so you can enjoy the delights of this world. I will give you all the thing whatever you desire.

Mother: Your dad is doing this as of now and I don’t expect this from you as well. By the time you are earning, I’ll be old and won’t need any worldly luxury.

Son: I will find a pious and carrying lady for you and wed her so she can cook for you and take care of you.

Mother: That isn’t her obligation my child and neither should you wed for this purpose. It isn’t necessary on her to do any service to me, neither do I anticipate this from her. Your marriage must be for you not for me. Your partner must be a companion and solace for you as you go on in the journey of life.

Son: Then tell me, mother, what shall I do for you? How can I repay you?

Happy Mothers Day

Mother(with tears in her eyes): Visit or call me often. A mother only requires this much from you while she is alive.

Then, when I die, give me your shoulder and bury me. Whenever you pray, supplicate for me. Be generous and give out charity me.

Remember that in the hereafter, every good deed will benefit me, so always be good and kind.

Fulfill the obligations of all those around you.

Never forget the people who are needy, orphan and sick.

“The sleepless nights and pains I took to bring you up were for my creator, not a favor to you. The merciful God blessed me with you as a beautiful gift and as a means to attain His pleasure. All your good deeds become my repayment.” I need nothing more.

Will you do it for me, my dear child?

Son: ( The child was too sentimental to speak anything and tears rolling down on his face)

Mothers Day Celebration,

A beautiful message for all the amazing Mothers out there.

Share to Care.

May Day or International Labour Day

International Workers’ Day

The International Workers’ Day also known as May Day or Labour Day is celebrated to commemorate the workers’ strike in 1886, when Chicago (along with other cities) was a place of huge union movement requiring the legal establishment of 8-hour day. The movement was accompanied by armed attacks on strikers, which resulted in six killed people and a large number of strikers who were injured and arrested.

May Day

Upon the decision made by the Second International, that day is celebrated as the International Workers’ Day and many countries accepted it as a national holiday. The Constitution of the Republic of Croatia guarantees the right to work and to freedom of work in its Article 55 that stipulates: “Everyone shall be free to choose his/her vocation and occupation, and shall have access to each workplace and post under equal conditions.”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1, adopted and passed at the UN General

Assembly on 10 December 1948 stipulates in Article 23:

1. Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable.

conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

2. Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

3. Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

4. Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

This year, Labour Day is observed under the theme “Sustainable Pension for all: The Role of Social Partners”. Last year the theme was “Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement”. Themes for others years is enlisted below.

The Themes of International Labour Day For Different Years:

  1. “Celebrating the international labour movement”.(2017),
  2. “Celebrating the international labour movement”.(2016),
  3. “Construct the Future of Cameroon in Peace, Solidarity, and Decent Work”(2015),
  4. “Providing of the Job with helping of the Capital by giving value the work”(2014),
  5. “Let’s value work by providing the jobless with start-up capital support“(2013),
  6. “Promote Employment by Supporting Prospective Entrepreneurs”(2012)

Labour Day

These are the themes that are rich in meaning, relevance and significance, and one that reinforces the absolute mandate of the labour movement throughout the World. They give value to the advancements attained by trade unions and labour organizations and underscores the need to strengthen our resolve for social justice.

It is all too common for society to relegate of ordinary value the
contributions of workers and the strides made by trade unions and Labour organizations in strengthening laws and elevating social and economic standards of workers. These achievements have certainly contributed to the overall national development of our Country. Landmark decisions and legislative changes are the bountiful harvest of the sweat, tears and even blood of our forefathers in the labour movement. Their selfless pursuit of humane standards motivated governments to respond, by legislating laws that were fair, and promoted the welfare of workers – influencing legislation with a human face, rather than a heart of exploitation. They persevered to promote legislation that recognized that people were absolutely indispensable to the production process and the accumulation of wealth.

The progress and strides made by the labour movement around the world must always be at the fore and core of our collective consciousness.

International Workers' Day

We must of necessity focus on our achievements and more importantly aim to build on that foundation. Never should we lose sight of opportunities to make further advancements. Any oblivion on our partmay result in a potential loss of ground, underscoring the need to zealously guard those advantages.

Let today be an opportunity for introspection, as workers, employers and as a nation. One in which we must challenge ourselves, by tracing our history, assessing our achievements and mapping out a revised route on the way forward. Our role and function as stakeholders must be reassessed, to determine what brand of employer or employee we are, and the classification of a nation we are building. In so doing, there must be a re‐evaluation and a recommitment to the cause for which our forefathers struggled so hard to institute, to ensure the preservation of our civility.

May Day Images and Quotes

May Day Images and Quotes

May Day Images and Quotes

May Day Images and Quotes

Essay on Friendship

Essay on True Friendship

Friendship, peculiar boon of Heav’n
The noble mind’s delight and pride,
To men and angels only giv’n
It all lower world denied.

– Samuel Johnson

Real friendship is a gift given by God to men and angels only. It is the sweetest word and the sweetest flower on the earth. It may be defined as a single soul dwelling in two bodies. True friendship is said to be rare in the world. However, this does not mean that all friendship is false.

It is also true that friendship is a product of selfishness or a desire to gain some benefits. Money attracts friends. We find as soon as our purse is full, many so-called friends gather around us but as we fall on evil days they desert us. Therefore it is rightly said that friends are plenty when the purse is full. A miser has no friends. A rich man has the power to purchase friends. Such purchased friends are helpful to a man in his business, in the matter of the promotion to a higher position and in various otherworldly ways. But as soon as these ends are achieved, the ties of friendship are snapped.

But a true friend remains with us through thick and thin. It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. He is lasting. Changed circumstances do not change him. Money or self has no place in it. It is absolutely selfless. A true friend is always willing to make sacrifices to help his friend. This kind of friendship adds in the charm of life.

In politics, there are no permanent friends. There are only permanent interests. In politics friends of today become enemies after some time and enemies of yesterday become friends.
Friendship is made in prosperity and tried in adversity. When a man falls on evil days, his friend usually deserts him. Any friend who does not desert him at that time is his true friend. King Darius was deserted by all his friends when he was in trouble. It is better for him alone and friendless than to be surrounded by false friends.

A true friend is different from an admirer. He never hesitates to point out your defects. It is his duty to see that you do not remain ignorant about your faults. He will always be happy if he finds your faults but he will be happier if he could help you remove your defects. Besides friendship should be cultivated with a feeling of love, understanding mutual respect, truthfulness, and sincerity. The props that friendship needs are truth, sincerity, the urge to give and make the other happy.

Essay on Friendship

Essay On My Friendship

I have many friends but Shahid is many best friend. He belongs to a respectable family of Kashmir. Shahid is a very prominent figure in the college. He is all around best student. He is a brilliant writer and an excellent player. He is tall with broad shoulders, fair complexion, and handsome looks. He is beautiful at face and beautiful at heart. Shahid is selfless in his devotion to his friends. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He is not quarrelsome, but if he is forced to pick a quarrel, he is always victorious. He has a terrible love for me. His parents also love me. In my difficulties, I have counted upon his help which he has never hesitated to give. He is very sympathetic and generous towards me. “He had kindness sitting on his face and sympathy sitting in his breast.” His keen sense of duty, honesty, and simple manners are a source of inspiration to me. Such a friend is surely a heavenly gift.

Essay On Diwali

Essay on Diwali

Life is a festival only to the wise.
India is a land of fairs and festivals. Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India. It is a very colorful festival. It is said that it was at first the festival of trading class. But now it has become a national festival. It is celebrated in every part of the country.
Diwali is commonly known as the festival of lights. It is sacred to the memory of Lord Rama. It is linked with the happy return of Rama to Ayodhya after an exile of fourteen years. It was a day of great merriment. The Sikhs celebrate it because on this day their sixth Guru was set free by the Mughals. It has also a seasonal significance as it marks the end of dull autumn and the beginning of winter.
The people start making preparations many days before the festival. Everyone takes pride in the face-lift of his house or shop. The children wait for the day very eagerly. The Shopkeepers decorate their shops in a fanciful manner. It is a real treat to see the various shops of toys and utensils, calendars sweetmeats and fireworks.
On Diwali streets and bazaars come to life early in the morning. People from the nearby villages pour in large numbers in colourful clothes. They spend the whole day in buying various articles. Sweetmeat shops present a very juicy sight. The children get fun out of watching all the shops displaying a variety of goods.
The real festival starts when night begins to spread on all sides. People start lighting earthen lamps, coloured candles, and electric bulbs. Houses and shops are illuminated. The rows of earthen lamps on the roofs of houses and shops look very charming. The localities and bazaars present colourful patterns of light. Terraces, balconies and shop fronts are lighted up. Everybody tries to propitiate goddess Lakshmi.
Fireworks are an essential part of the Diwali festivities. Even the grown-ups indulge in this pastime with great zeal and gusto. The children explode crackers which produce a deafening noise. Lately, Diwali has become a festival of noise and violence and this is a bad thing.
The festival of light comes at night. The lights stand for the desire of man to march from darkness to light, from evil to good. The Hindus worship Lakshmi at night. The merchants close their old accounts and begin the new financial year. For some people, Dewali is the night of gambling and drinking. This robs this sacred festival of its religious significance and gives it the character of a carnival.

Essay on Diwali

Paragraph on Diwali

Diwali is the most outstanding Hindu festival. It means the feast of lights. It is celebrated in the honour of Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya. This festival falls on a moonless night. Dealers in sweets, fruits, pictures, utensils, and fireworks, reap a rich harvest. People clean, paint and decorate their buildings on this occasion. They put on their best garments and exchange Diwali greeting. Real celebrations start with the setting of the sun. Buildings are illuminated tastefully. On such nights failure of electricity distresses terribly as a whole show becomes dull. This festival is sacred to Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. Hindus worship her sincerely. Houses are kept lit the whole night lest the goddess should miss their doors. The sweets and fruits are taken heartily and distributed generously. People stroll about the bazaars joyfully till late nights. There is a lot of rush in the markets. Children and young folk let off fireworks hilariously. This merriment sometimes becomes the cause of the tragedy. The holiness of this festival is spoiled by some anti-social practices like gambling and drinking. On the whole, it is a splendid festival.

An Essay on The Value of Discipline

The Value of Discipline

“Discipline must come through liberty…..We do not consider an individual disciplined only when he has been rendered as artificially silent as a mute and as immovable as a paralytic. He is an individual annihilated, not disciplined.” -Maria Montessori

Discipline is of the greatest importance in schools, colleges, and everyday life. It requires voluntary and willing obedience to fixed codes of behaviour. Discipline puts restrictions on one’s freedom and actions. Discipline means proper coordination of all the organs and faculties of a man. A disciplined man’s hands, eyes, ears, legs, and feet are under the perfect control of his mind. His hands will do just he wants them to work. Only a disciplined man can work hard. Consistency in a man’s character comes from discipline. It is important because its absence would bring in chaos and disorder.

Civilized life is not possible without discipline. It is necessary for people in all walks of life. Students in educational institutions, defense personnel working in the armed forces and industrial workers employed in factories must have discipline. It is a discipline which enables a nation to match on the road of progress and prosperity. An efficient army is one which is perfectly disciplined. Defense forces must have the discipline of the men of the Light Brigade who believed ” theirs is not to reason why theirs but to do or die.”

The value of discipline

Discipline is of the greatest importance in schools and colleges. It is a pity that our schools and colleges have become hotbeds if student unrest. The object of N.C.C and National Services Scheme is to make students disciplined. The fall in the discipline in schools has led to falling in the educational standards. It is not possible to teach properly if there is no discipline in the classroom. The same applies to offices. Discipline is absent in government offices. There is a need for discipline in the social and political life of the country. Some of the anti-national activities like smuggling hoarding and black marketing show the absence of discipline from our national life. It is a complete lack of discipline among our political leaders.

Discipline is essential in the narrow domestic life. Children must be disciplined when they are under the care of their parents. Parents themselves should not lead a cat and dog life lest they should have a bad influence on their children. This childhood is the seed time of the future of a man. A nation can not face external threats if it is lacking in discipline. Without national discipline, we can not have national integration. Even the fabric of our democratic society is likely to suffer without discipline.
The universe also works according to discipline. There is a great sense of discipline among the animals and birds. Stars and planets have their fixed paths. Man is supposed to the crown of creation. He must also be disciplined if he wants to live a decent life. The functioning of the various departments of our government shows that we do not have any discipline. It is because of the lack of discipline in our national life that India remains a poor country.

In the good old days our great teachers, saints and Yogi’s thought and practiced discipline. In those days India was a source of spiritual inspiration and guidance to the world. But now we have become a nation with no discipline, self-control, and efficiency. That is why we remain a backward nation. In some way, people in the west remain more disciplined than Indians. They are more punctual, law-abiding regular and hardworking. So, they are more powerful and prosperous than we are

Importance of Newspapers in the Modern World Essay

Importance of Newspapers Essay

A glorious blessing to humankind and the exceptionally imperative, the press works superbly, plays out a critical job as a communicator. In view of its significance and hugeness, it has been exceedingly acclaimed, respected and acknowledged. Furthermore, it won’t be unpalatable to state that what air is to living creatures, the Press is to society. In this evidently free press situation, the question remains that what issues get unmistakable quality in the press and for what reason are others consigned to the final pages.

Newspapers are the main source of spreading information. They assume a key job as plan setters in current society. The capacity of papers in publicizing issues by giving an inside and out perspective on issues like gender, environment, poverty is very significant. Press as one of the mainstays of democracy plays a productive role in national advancement. Speed, strategies, and nature of news conveyance have changed however the fundamental reason for news and papers has stayed consistent and enduring. Revolution in innovation, conglomeration, and globalization have prompted a change in perspective in the idea of content and delivery of news.

Newspapers have an important place in the world today. The presence of newspapers is must on the breakfast table. They are the mirrors of the world. The press is referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy. Newspapers are the mightiest of the mighty. They are the custodian of truth and human rights. They serve the mouthpiece of the public. They are the link between the people and their government.

Importance of Newspapers in democracy

Newspapers give us the latest news. It is the first and foremost function of a newspaper to bring news from North, East, West, and South, that is, from all parts of the world. A newspaper touches all topics and satisfies all classes of readers- statesman, students, politicians, sportsmen, public men, travelers, scientists, scholars, and businessmen. It tells unemployed people where to apply for a job. Chronic bachelors and sisters can go through matrimonial advertisements and get life partners.

Since people rely upon newspapers for their everyday information requirements, newspapers should advise and instruct people on, social matters. The socially capable press encourages the citizens to be fully educated on issues of immediate worry to them. Papers help in the development of public opinion and in building up of pictures through news announcing, pouring views, educating general society and consequently encouraging open dialog on issues of significance.

Besides giving us news from all parts of the globe, the newspapers possess literary value. Articles by well-known writers, views, and reviews by able critics – all enlighten us. They contain much material of a permanent nature.

Newspapers are a very powerful tool of propaganda. They shape public opinion. The leading articles in a newspaper influence criticize readers who form their opinion about an issue mainly on the basis of arguments containing in the leading articles. A newspaper is a sort of public platform through which we can criticize the government.

Newspapers also good means of advertisement. Businessmen, manufacturers, and industrialists advertise their goods through them. The modern man is deeply influenced by the advertisements and he buys those goods which are most advertised in the newspapers. Moreover, they serve as our companions during a journey. During the days of the war, newspapers boast the morale of the public by playing up the heroic exploits of our defense services. They sometimes expose the high- handedness of government officials. During election days they educate the voters about the merits and demerits of individual candidates.

Newspapers arose national consciousness and raise the mental and moral standards of the people. When some misfortune or calamity overtakes a particular part of the country. Newspapers make us aware of the condition of the people in distress and appeal to the people for help. Many newspapers collect defense and flood relief funds.

Newspapers are said to be the ears and eyes of the world. They no doubt report the various events that take part in different parts of the world. They also reflect the reactions of the people. They play a good role in molding public opinion. Great leaders like Gandhiji and Nelson Mandella used the newspaper to awaken their countrymen from their slumber. The British newspapers aroused the conscience of the English people by inviting their attention to the miserable condition of the British soldiers wounded at Scutari. Gandhiji used the newspaper to remove untouchability from the country.

The press has an ugly side also. Sometimes the press presents news and views through coloured glasses. Newspapers with leftist leanings are very critical of papers with slightest views. Communal newspapers fan communal hatred and riots. Newspapers should adopt a code of conduct by which they should report news and views in an objective and impartial manner.

We are living in an age of space ships and jumbo-jets. The world is a small unit. We can not remain cut off from others. We have to know the latest developments taking place all over the world. The newspapers tell us about various developments in the social, political and economic and spheres. Thus, this age
in which we live in is recognized the reference to the predominance of the media in our society. A variety of words for instance, ‘information’, correspondence’, ‘media’ and ‘digital’ are utilized conversely to mark the age in which we live. Such recognition breeds disdain as we reprimand the media for a signifies recognized our social issues. But the term ends up tricky on the definition. As per Meyrowitz (referred to in Williams,2003) the ‘ the ‘most glaring problem for media studies’ is that there is ‘no common understanding of what the subject matter of the field is’. He scrutinizes the media researcher for their inability to unequivocally go up against the idea of the media, arguing many have just embraced the belief that everyone knows what the media is and that one can, therefore, move immediately to other research questions’.

The current challenged are to make papers function as both benefit places for business as well as vehicles of information for focused clients. Meeting these difficulties requires
(1) through corporate and editorial administration,
(2) responsibility inside the enterprise and to the community,
(3) the clear boundary of core goals, values, and capacities, and
(4) sharply characterized the market section.

Corporate and editorial governance goes profoundly to the core of the newspaper reason behind existence however their relationship resembles that of quarreling twins. Corporate pioneers get their obligations from investors’ entitlement to benefit while editors get their obligations from the readers’ entitlement to know. The peruser’s entitlement to know frequently puts editors on a crash course with the company as well as with the government, lawmakers, and tycoons. Where is the green line in corporate governance between the necessities to profit and to create the best publication item? (Khindaria, 2004)

James Augustus Hickey has the credit of propelling the first newspaper in India in the shape of “Bengal Gazette” or “Hickey’s Gazette” on 29th January 1780. It proclaimed itself as a “weekly political and business paper open to all impacted by none”. But Hickey’s paper was shut down after two years on government orders. Production of a few papers followed, however, they had a limited capacity to focus life. In post-autonomous India, the job of the English press was structured and molded because of the requirements of development and modernization of the country. The press had the duty of instructing the majority about the working of administration, lawful and other different divisions of the government. Moreover, their role was to advance communal harmony in the wake of the 1947 partition.

A mass society is portrayed by more noteworthy dependence on the broad communications for information and news about the earth in which the general population lives. The news media are the principal wellspring of neighborhood, national and worldwide news. They set their motivation for open discussion and make issues. To put it plainly, broad communications help in the development of popular assessment and in structure up of pictures through news revealing, communicating sees, illuminating the general population and accordingly encouraging open exchange on issues of more extensive concern. Indeed, the broad communications assume a noteworthy job in the socialization of its individuals – their mentalities, inclinations, and idiosyncrasies.

Merill (1995) included that the press not just mirrors the belief system of the society in which it works but also bolsters it and can’t surpass as far as possible. Subsequently, the primary class for systematization has been the diverse social orders’ political viewpoint on government-press connection and this has frequently brought about perplexity between ‘the genuine working standards of a given media framework; the hypothetical goals of the framework and the the predominant belief system of the general public (entrepreneur, communist, progressive, formative or whatever)’.

Development of papers in the state is a pointer of the way that the readership has expanded and individuals need assortment, substance, and polished methodology in the substance. The substance of the papers must be receptive to the changing requests of various segments of society. The genuine test for the paper today is to take into account the common class of individuals, talking about their issues and concerns. Newspapers have risen as a sound source of information for most people. Individuals get the early newspaper to check the most recent issues and issues being looked at by the state. Through its publications and lead articles, the cutting edge papers have the duty of forming and embellishment the general sentiment as opposed to it being an idea restricted to reading material as it were. With the expansion of the paper business, it turns into even more appropriate for the paper to take into account the diverse tastes of its group of onlookers.

The journalist being aware of their role can influence their audience and attract their attention to cooperate and participate in more equitable developmental plans. Narinder Aggarwala, an Indian journalist who advocates development journalism believes that journalists at the development desk should critically evaluate all developments plans from national and local perspectives. A news report fulfills the minimum criteria for development journalism if it consists of at least one of the following points: stresses the process and not the event, maintains a critical perspective on development plans, emphasizes people’s needs, presents a background for development issues, predicts future needs, considers the effect of plans on people, compares the development process to similar processes in other places, compares the plan with implemented results, critically surveys stories of success, and points out people’s needs.

Politics, as we have been experiencing all along, is the staple of newspapers. But this is not all; other issues merit an equal mention. Do other developmental issues get appropriate coverage or they get eclipsed under a huge cover of politics. These questions assume more importance when it comes to the coverage of developmental issues by print media. Enormous space is given by our media to business and very little to social sectors like health and education. Most media correspondents attend the film stars, fashion parades, pop music, etc. and very few attend to the lives and problems of workers, farmers, students, sex workers, etc. That’s why Lakme Fashion Week scores so heavily over farm suicides. With colour comics, syndicated columnists, hefty sports sections, photograph-filled Sunday magazine, and more, the newspaper has become a mosaic of features designed to attract as many different types of people as possible. A newspaper in a developing country ought to turn its attention quite frequently to various problems facing that country instead of being obsessed with politics and glamour. There are major problems facing

The writer monitoring their job can impact their audience and pull in their regard to collaborate and take an interest in increasingly evenhanded development plans. Narinder Aggarwala, an Indian columnist who advocates development news-casting believes that journalists at the development work area should critically assess all advancements plans from national and neighborhood points of view.

A news report satisfies the base criteria for advanced news coverage if it comprises of no less than one of the following focuses: stresses the procedure and not the occasion, keeps up a basic viewpoint on development plans, underscores individuals’ needs, introduces a foundation for development issues, predicts future needs, thinks about the impact of plans on people, looks at the developmental procedure to comparative procedures in different spots, contrasts the arrangement and implemented results, basically studies accounts of progress, and calls attention to peoples’ needs.

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Updates,Results

Four Possible Scenarios

1) BJP single Largest(Maybe)

2) INC+ forms the govt. (Likely)

3) BJP + forms the Govt. (Likely)

4) INC Single Largest(Maybe)

➡ In a democracy, the electoral performance also depends on how many and how powerful, opposition parties enter the fight. As of now, BJP is the only dominant political party in the country. The Congress party in 2014, was ruling in 13 States but from thereon it collapsed like pack of cards and is holding on to only four states. Looking at the performance of Congress with 80 seats in Gujrat, it looks like that the revival of the Congress has begun. ( From 1995 to 2017, the Congress has doubled their seats in Gujrat).The recent elections at Rajasthan, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and MP show that Congress is gaining better.

➡ The BJP always endeavours to capture all seats alone and there is nothing wrong in such resolve as every political party aims at such target but it must be kept in mind that BJP even though won 282 seats in 2014, it fought that election as NDA coalition’s lead partner and not alone. Therefore it also depends as to how the coalition partners perform. The party supporting the coalition may not support in 2019 if the performance of BJP is not up to mark in 2018. The NCP in Maharashtra before Gujrat elections was talking of supporting the BJP if Shivsena pulls out of government but now after the Gujrat elections it is praising Congress and talking about a reunion. The parties follow public opinions that rapidly changes as we saw in Gujrat.

➡ The performance also depends on the ability of parties in political marketing. One of the dominant factors contributed to the victory of NDA in 2014, was the event management abilities. Congress appears to have matched the vacuum created by their absence on social media.

➡ I remember a famous one-line statement of Ex-PM Dr Manmohan Singh. In 2014, the Congress lost power due to the scams. The 2G scam was one of them. The humble ex-PM said, “ we lost in the battle of perception”. Now that with the Court ruling that there was no 2G scam, I wonder at his marvellous vision.

➡ 2019, elections will not be fought on the basis of economic performance, jobs or growth in personal income but again on perceptions.

➡ NDA will marginally fall short of a majority but form government: CVoter survey (10 March 10, 2019 )

The poll projected that the NDA would bag 264 seats, while the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) led by Congress is expected to bag 141 seats, and all other parties are expected to bag 138 seats. If there is no “Mahagathbandhan” in Uttar Pradesh, there will be 307 seats for the NDA and 139 for the UPA and 97 for all other parties. The BJP is expected to have 220 seats on its own in terms of seats, and the allies are likely to have 44.

TIMES OF INDIA (11 March, 2019 )

➡ Airstrike against Pakistan boosted Modi’s strong image. BJP can pit “national” issues such as 7% growth, tax reforms, welfare schemes, and handling of difficult neighbours

Regional parties like TMC, SP, BSP, DMK and YSRCP are seen to be strong on their respective home turfs and pose a stronger challenge to BJP than Congress in several states

➡ Lol Sabha Poll Date Schedule

Lok Sabha polls will take place from April 11 to May 19 in seven phases. On May 23, the results will be announced.

Abhinandhan Wing Commander


Abhinandan is a Hindi word which means “welcome” in English. It also means salutation or congratulations. In India, many Hindu people also have their names as Abhinandan. The word became very famous recently on February 27, 2019, following a dogfight between the two air forces of Pakistan and India in which an Indian IAF Wing Commander Abhinandhan Varthaman who was arrested by Pakistan while he ejected from the MiG-21 fighter which came under the attack when it entered Pakistan territory. Indian government claimed that Abhinandan had destroyed Pakistani F-16 fighter which had entered Indian territory to strike in response to Indian airstrike in Pakistan on JeM camps. F-16 is a very advanced fighter and it is claimed that Abhinandan destroyed the fighter by using comparatively a less advanced fighter MIG-21. Abhinandan became famous also because it came to news in India that he destroyed all the evidence before he got arrested and when Pakistani army sought some sensitive information from him he boldly refused to tell them anything. Abhinandan was instantly released by Pakistan to respect Geneva Convention and to dampen the heightened war-situation between the two countries.


Subsequent to his release Indian prime minister Narendra Modi said in an apparent reference to IAF Wing Commander Abhinandhan that India has the power to change the meaning of words and the word Abhinandan would now mean something else to the world.

“The world takes note of what India does … India has the strength to change the meaning of words in the dictionary.” Modi said at a housing ministry event in Delhi.

“Abhinandan once used to mean welcome. And now the meaning of Abhinandan will change,” he said

Abhinandhan turned overnight fade for many young people in India. His gunslinger moustache became a sign of bravery and courage among many young people. Even some women posed with the do on social media. Several men’s salons offered discounts for customers emulating his moustaches. His calm and composed face became craze everywhere. Many newborn babies were named after his name.

Abhinandhan Varathaman

Some Attractions:

He became pilot of focus after Pakistan carried out an airstrike on 27 February 2019 and claimed to have captured a pilot.

Pakistani interior ministry also released a video of the pilot but soon deleted it.

India claimed that its air force pilot was missing in action but did not reveal his identity.
Indian officials advised Pakistan to ensure their pilot’s immediate return.
It was made clear that Pakistan would be well advised to ensure that no harm comes to Indian defence personnel in its custody.

India also expects his safe and instant return.

A day after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said Abhinandhan will be released.

Abhinandhan Pilot