Essay on My Dream India

Every person in the world has a dream of what his or her life will be like in the years to come. Just like them, I too have a dream, but my one is for India rather than for myself. India is a large country that is home to a diverse population that is comprised of people of many different creeds, castes, religions, and languages. Because of this, India is often referred to as “unity in diversity.”

A Short Essay of 50 Words on “My Dream India”

Like many other countrymen, I have many hopes for my dear nation. As a proud Indian, my first dream is to see my country become one of the most developed in the world. A vision of an India in which practically everyone is employed, there is no poverty, and there is complete literacy.

100 Words Essay on My Dream India

We, the people of India, take great pride in our country’s long history as well as our diverse cultural traditions. In addition, we take great pride in our democratic pluralism and expansiveness. In my ideal dream, India would be like a country where there is absolutely no room for graft of any kind. I hope that one day my country will be the most powerful economic force in the world and end all forms of poverty. In addition, one of my goals in life is for my nation to take the initiative in bringing about a worldwide technological revolution and a state of peace. However, at the moment we are unable to observe anything of such taking place. If we want to make this dream a reality, we have no choice but to take action right now.

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Long Essay on My Dream India

In the India of my dream, there exists a nation in which women are protected from any kind of circumstance, regardless of whether it is favourable or unfavourable. There would be an end to the practice of torture, domestic abuse, and the dominance of men in the home. Women would be able to move freely in the direction of their objectives. They ought to be treated equally, and they ought to be able to enjoy their concern rights in the nation that I will one day lead.

It is heartening to learn that, in today’s society, women do not spend their time exclusively engaged in domestic duties. They are leaving their parents’ homes and starting their own businesses or looking for jobs so that they can eventually support themselves financially. This is something that I wish for each and every lady in my country. Every woman should move away from outdated ways of thinking and adopt more modern perspectives.

The government of India should also take the necessary efforts to improve the educational system as it is another crucial thing to do. Every year, a significant number of low-income students are denied their rights owing to financial constraints. But in my ideal dream, India will be the kind of country where getting an education is obligatory for everyone. In addition, there are still some people in my nation who are unaware of the correct definition of what genuine education should entail. People continue to speak solely English despite the fact that they give their own tongue less importance than it deserves. They use one’s ability to speak English as a measure of knowledge. This is the reason why the indigenous languages are dying out.

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There is a significant number of highly educated persons who appear to be jobless or workless as a direct result of the excessive corruption and hooligan behaviour of politicians. Because of the reservation system, the vast majority of the qualified applicants were not given the chance to participate. This is a really difficult and problematic juncture. My idealised version of India is one in which those who are best qualified for a job are hired rather than those who have been set aside for that dream.

In addition, there should not be any prejudice based on factors such as skin tone, social caste, gender, race, or status, among other factors. Fights inside the community and difficulties with communication should not occur.

My nation’s progress is being hampered the most by the most widespread form of dishonesty or criminal wrongdoing, which is corruption. Instead of putting in the effort necessary to ensure the continued economic success of the nation, a significant number of government workers and unscrupulous politicians are preoccupied with increasing their personal wealth. My ideal India is one in which all government personnel and officials are driven by a deep sense of commitment to the success of their jobs and the nation’s overall progress.

In my dream, all I can say is that the India of my dreams would be a flawless country in which every single citizen of my country will be on an equal footing with one another. In addition to that, there should not be any form of prejudice, and there should not be any corruption.

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