Essay on My Best Friend

People say that a friend in need is a friend indeed. An ideal friend is smart and caring at the same time. Anyone can be your friend, but it is hard to have good friends. I have a lot of friends, too, but Rahul is my favourite.

My best friend is Rahul. He studies in my class. He just turned sixteen. He is the guy who sits next to me in class. He lives near me, so we often play together. He really likes me. Whenever I needed help, he was there to help.

There are friends that stick with us as long as our wallet is full but abandon us when we fall on hard times. However, Rahul does not alter like the seasons. He stays at my side through thick and thin.

There are friends who stick with us as soon as our purse is full but when we fall on evil days they desert us. But, Rahul does not change like the season. He remains with me through thick and thin.

Rahul is a boy who looks very good. He is in good shape. He talks in a nice way. He knows how to act. He is good at both school work and sports. He has won many sports competitions. Everyone in our class really likes him.

His mother is a teacher and his father is a doctor. They are very kind and gentle people. They like children a lot. His mother loves me as much as she loves him. I really like Rahul because he is both smart and a good player. He does not do anything bad. He shows respect to his parents, teachers, and other people. He gets to school on time and does his homework every day. When he has time, he likes to play.

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Rahul and I go to the same school. He is the smartest boy in the class and always comes first. Our teachers like Rahul because he is intelligent, and his classmates like him because he is friendly. He is polite, says nice things, and has a happy face.

Rahul cares a lot about poor people and helps them. Everyone wants him to be his friend. In fact, he is an example for everyone. Everyone in school wants to hang out with him.

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