Character Sketch of Aksionov

Leo Tolstoy’s short storey God Sees the Truth, but Wait features multiple characters, each with their own position and role in the story. Based on the characters’ level of involvement in key events in the story, it is possible to conclude that Aksionov is the primary character in this story. From the beginning to the finish, Askionov plays a key role in determining the flow and progression of the story. He is the protagonist of the story.

In this storey, the protagonist, Ivan Dmitrich Aksionov, relies on God to get him through his hardships. He was the best singer. He possessed good characteristics such as faith, forgiveness, independence, and acceptance. Aksionov was completely unaware of what was going on around him. He was sentenced to prison despite the fact that he had committed no crime. He received a sentence of 26 years in prison. He did not even desire to avenge the true murderer. He forgives him for accepting his guilt. He exclusively believed in God and always prayed to Him. Aksionov had given up. His freedom and family had been snatched away from him. He was not a bitter man. He never attempted to flee the prison in an unauthorised manner.

Aksionov is a dynamic character as well. He has some manifestations of her life. A dynamic character evolves throughout the course of the work and expresses any personality, living, and identity. At the start of the story, he recounts a wealthy man who enjoys drinking and causing havoc. That habit, however, vanished after he married. He has conflicts in the middle of the story, and he has been imprisoned for twenty-six years without understanding what is wrong with him. While in the prison at the end of the storey, Aksionov must overpower his life, and he is dead before he is released.

In Vladimir, Aksionov is one of the characters who is described as a seller. He has golden wavy hair and is a funny person. Aside from that, he enjoys singing, despite the fact that Aksionov is best known as a seller. He has a good voice, but it is only a hobby for him. Aksionov was a charming, fair-haired, curly-headed young man who loved to sing. He had been given to alcohol as a young man and was riotous when he had drunk too much; but, after he married, he gave up drinking, save on rare occasions. On the other hand, when Aksionov was younger, he spent much of his time drinking. When Aksionov drank excessively, he also caused a commotion. During this period, Aksionov begins to recognise that he has bad habits. He eventually decides to discontinue it indirectly because he still consumes a small amount of it on occasion. Aksionov also knows that he has a family and must be responsible because he is a man who is still respected by society despite his youth and penchant for drinking.

One day in summer, Aksionov has a plan to go to Nizhny Fair to make his business. When he wants to leave his house, his wife forbids him to go out because in night his wife had a bad dream about him. His wife says that his husband must not leave. Aksionov only laughs when his wife forbids him and he says to his wife that she is afraid only that Aksionov will drink again when arriving at the place. 

In the story, the narrator tells that Aksionov is an honest person as the quotation below. In this quotation, the other characters assess his honesty. 

At last, the Governor turned to Aksionov whom he knew to be a just man, and said: “You are a truthful old man; tell me, before God, who dug the hole?”

Askionov is also described as a forgiving man. He forgives Makar which makes him a prisoner.

When Aksionov heard him sobbing he, too, began to weep. “God will forgive you!” said he. “Maybe I am a hundred times worse than you.”

And at these words, his heart grew light, and the longing for home left him. He no longer had any desire to leave the prison, but only hoped for his last hour to come.”

The quotation above explains that Aksionov is a kinds person. He forgave the fault that Makar do to him although Makar make him suffer and lost his family for twenty-six years. 

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