Reach for the Top Part II – Summary and Value Points & Questions

Reach for the Top – II

Part II. Maria Sharapova ( Summary)

Maria Sharapova is number one position in world tennis

Maria Sharapova’s smile and outfit seem to contradict each other. This propelled her to the top of the women’s tennis world rankings on August 22, 2005. She is a Siberian teenager. It took her four years to rise to the top.

Maria’s trip to the US

Maria began her ascension nine years ago. When she was sent to train in America, she was just ten years old. That journey to Florida with her father, Yuri, set her up for success and celebrity. However, it also meant a two-year separation from her mother, Yelena. Due to visa constraints, Yelena was compelled to settle in Siberia.

Maria’s stay and training in the US

Maria recalls feeling lonely in the United States. She longed for her mother. Her father was likewise unable to see her mother. He only made enough money to keep her tennis lessons continuing. She was a young lady. She used to clean and tidy the room. The seniors would compel her to do so.

Maria’s toughness

This made her determined and mentally tough. She also learned how to take care of herself. She had never considered quitting before. She understood exactly what she desired. This harshness is still present in her.

Her mantra for success

In 2004, she won the women’ singles title at Wimbledon. In 2005, she was ranked first in the world. Maria has risen from Siberia to the pinnacle of women’s tennis. Tennis fans have been moved by it. She maintains a straight face and gives a concise response. These demonstrate that her sacrifices were worthwhile. She claims to put in a lot of effort in her career. This is her success mantra.

Maria on her Russian roots

Maria has a strong American accent. She expresses her delight in being a Russian. She claims to be of Russian ancestry. However, the United States is an important aspect of her life. She would compete in the Olympics for Russia if they invited her.

Sharapova’s hobbies

Sharapova’s interests include fashion, singing, and dancing. She enjoys reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. She enjoys wearing evening gowns. She like chocolate spread pancakes and orange beverages.

Sharapova’s thoughts on tennis

Sharapova is defiantly unclassifiable. She possesses the ability, ambition, and willingness to make sacrifices. These characteristics have propelled her to the pinnacle of success. Money acts as a motivator for her. Tennis is a commercial endeavour as well as a recreational one. The most critical objective, though, is to achieve world dominance. This nightmare has sustained her.

Value points Maria  Sharapova

•  Maria  Sharapova the fashionable,  glamorous  Russian girl reached the world’s number one position in women’s tennis on 22nd August 2005.
•  Born to  Yuri and  Yelena  Sharapova in  Siberia,  she was sent to  Florida. The USA with father for tennis training at the age of nine.
•  Due to the visa-restrictions mother could not accompany them.  But  Maria learnt an important lesson in life-  that tennis excellence would only come at a  price.
•  Father also worked extra hours to pay for her tennis training and could not stay with her.  She had to tolerate this separation from her mother for two years.
•  Being so young,  just nine,  she went to bed at  8  p.m.  The other tennis players used to come at 11 p.m. and after waking her up,  asked her to clean the room.
•  But instead of being depressed,  she was becoming more determined and mentally tough to achieve her target.  Instead of quitting she steadfastly pursued her dream.
•  Four years’  hard work and strong determination and sacrifice that she made, resulted in bagging women’s singles tennis trophy in 2004 and 2005 world’s no.1 position.
•  The key to her success is being competitive,  hard-working and no place for sentiments.
•  Though trained in the US,  she is proud to be a  Russian and ready to play for Russia if offered.
•  Her hobbies are fashion,  singing and dancing.  She loves to read the novels of Arthur  Canan  Doyle.  She loves sophisticated evening gowns and eating pancakes with chocolate spread and fizzy orange drinks.
•  Her  Hardwork,  strong determination,  mental toughness and sacrifices have earned her not only success but ample money also.
•  She admits that money was a  motivation for her but the most important thing was to become number one in the world.