Character Sketch of Phileas Fogg

Phileas Fogg is the main character in Verne’s novel Around the World in Eighty Days . In this post, we will go over the character sketch of Phileas Fogg.

Phileas Fogg is the protagonist of Jules Verne’s 1872 novel Around the World in Eighty Days. He is one of Verne’s best-known characters because he is very precise and smart. When we meet him, we learn that he is an English man who lives a very normal life. He is very polite and always on time, and he is very picky about what he wants. Because of the title, we would not have known that he plans to go around the world. What makes him unique is that he is very different from other people. Even his trip around the world is not because he wants the money from the bet, but because he is stubborn and does not want to change.

While Fogg does travel around the world, he does not spend a lot of time learning about the places that might be interesting to tourists. Fogg would be surprised if someone talked to him about the same places. He would know a lot about them. When you look at Fogg, you will see that he is very volatile and hot.

Another great thing about Fogg is how kind he is. He decides to help the sacrificed person, Aouda, and puts his own life at risk in the process. Fogg has the same quality that allows him to forgive Passepartout even though the latter has made a lot of mistakes. Fogg even forgives the detective who had put so many roadblocks in his way at the end of the book. Any other person who was in Fogg’s place would have been angry at him for giving Fix some money.

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Fogg is the main character in the storey, so he needs a lot of attention from everyone. In most of the action, it is him who starts things up. He also starts the whole thing. He never gives up, no matter how hard it is. He hires boats, steals ships, rides on a snowmobile, and even hires a train to get to his goal.

Verne adds a surprise twist to the storey when the very careful Fogg makes a mistake and does not know the time. He thinks he has been late to London, but in fact, he has been there for a whole day before. Everyone in England and the people who read the book cheer when Fogg wins the wager and manages to go around the world in the time limit.

Verne shows that Fogg has changed as a person. While Verne admires Fogg’s rationality and detachment at the end, Verne says that Fogg only gains love through his whole journey. There is no doubt that he won the bet, which is good for his pride. But more than anything he has found true love, which is great for his heart. It would have made Fogg very happy if Aouda had been there. We are happy that Fogg married the exotic Indian princess.

Development of Phileas Fogg’s character

Phileas Fogg is the smart and precise person who is very picky about time and habits, to the point where he is a little weird. He likes his shaving water to be at a certain temperature, and he always does the same thing every day. The way he looks at first is that he does not care about anything and is very logical. He does not seem to be able to love, but he always looks like he has a big heart. During the trip, his only goal is to jump from train to ship and ship to train so that he can travel around the world. For fun, he plays whist instead of going on walks. These traits might make him seem heartless, but he isn’t.

They should try to save the Indian princess. It is his idea. After they do well, Aouda is very grateful and eventually falls in love with him. For a long time, he has not shown any signs of being angry or responsive. Aouda is not sure if he loves her or not, and she does not know why. It is only in London that he tells her he loves her and they decide to get married. It is not as important for Phileas Fogg to win the challenge as to win Aouda’s love, says Verne. When Fogg says the last thing, it shows how much this practical man has changed his view of life. “But if I had not gone through India, I would not have been able to save Aouda, and she would not have been my wife.” After saying this, he shuts the door. Clearly, he is very happy with Aouda. The change in his character is that his heart is now full of love, much more than it was when he first met her. The only thing that Fogg had gained from his long journeys was “…a charming woman, who unlikely as it is may appear, made him the happiest of men! And forsooth, who would not go round the world for less?” There are two things that can only help Phileas Fogg grow as a person: love and time spent with him.

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