Character Sketch of The Tiger King #1

The Maharaja of Pratibandapuram was a strong, tenacious, determined, courageous, and firm ruler of his state. When he was born, astrologers predicted his demise at the hands of a tiger. However, the infant has a wonderful quality. He was just 10 days old when he challenged the astrologers’ forecast and inquired as to the manner of his demise. They claimed he was destined to be slain by a tiger at some point in the future.

The Crown Prince was raised in an English-speaking household. He developed into a man who was tall, sturdy, fearless, and strong. At the age of twenty, he was crowned king of his state. He was adamant about keeping his promise. As a result, he issued a proclamation prohibiting anyone from killing tigers to save himself. The lawbreakers would be apprehended and their property seized. As a man of strong convictions and self-respect, he refused to let the British officer hunt a tiger. He was forced to pay a heavy price in order to keep his kingdom. He slaughtered seventy tigers over ten years, and his forests were extinct. Then he married a princess whose father owned a big forest that was densely forested with tigers. He killed 29 tigers there, but the 100 fainted from the shock of the bullet. His hunters arrived and dispatched it. As a result, he fulfilled his commitment. Between those times, he showed no regard for his subjects’ wellbeing. Thus, he was a valiant and fearless monarch who lacked worldly wisdom.

Character Sketch of The Tiger King #2

Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, the Tiger King of Pratibandapuram, was known by various monikers. He was widely regarded as His Highness Jamedar, General Khiledar-Major, Sata-Vyaghra samhari, Maharajadhiraja Visva Bhuvana samrat, Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, M.A.D., A.C.T.C., or C.R.C.K.

When he was born, the king’s chief astrologer predicted that he would be assassinated by the tiger.

The king spent his formative years in the palace. He was supplied with English cow’s milk. He was brought up by an English nanny. He was instructed in English by an English teacher and had only seen the English film. He became king of his realm when he was twenty years old. He began his tiger hunting campaign and within ten years had killed seventy tigers. He then married a girl from a state with a significant tiger population in order to fulfil his vow of killing 100 tigers. Thus, he had also killed the hundredth tiger, but it was shot by his hunters.

The king was likewise quite concerned about his own state. He once paid a British official a bribe of three lakh rupees to keep his kingdom. While promoting tiger hunting, he once declared a three-year tax exemption for villagers who informed him about the presence of a tiger in their village. When the king was unable to locate the hundredth tiger, the Dewan, who had always assisted and obeyed the king in everything, was threatened by the king. The Tiger King was forced to die as a result of a cut he sustained from a wooden toy tiger. Thus, the chief astrologer’s prophesy came true, and the hundredth tiger exacted its revenge by assassinating the king.

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