Assessment of Listening and Speaking

As you learn to listen and speak in a second language, you will become more and more fluent. There are some things we need to keep in mind, though. Listening and speaking are both important social skills. These skills are influenced by socio-emotional factors. For example, how the child sees himself, how confident he is, and how willing he is to try new things and make mistakes without being judged will all affect how well he listens or speaks. We need to think about how children think. The assertive child or the shy and timid child will react very differently when they have to speak. Their performance may not have anything to do with their level of language skills.

It could just be a reflection of how they are as people. It is very important to know what assessment is for, and to make sure that this purpose is not harmed in any way.
If you look at assessment in a positive way, it can help you learn more. It is more effective if the students enjoy this process. The teacher’s job is to make sure that assessment is friendly and not scary.

Assessment of Listening and Speaking, or ASL, is introduced as part of the curriculum for classes 11 and 12  in CBSE schools to evaluate students’ listening, speaking, and communication skills in the English language.

ASL enables students to be evaluated on a variety of abilities, including articulation, knowledge, grammar, comprehension of the question, and prompt response. Thus, it is critical to choose topics that students are familiar with, as this will aid in their preparation and provide time for them to practise and master the above-mentioned skills.

For instance, “IPL and its Advantages and Disadvantages,” “Mobile Phone Addiction,” “Advantages of Social Media,” and “Importance of Mathematics in class 11 and 12” are all examples of topics. Topics that are easily relatable to students’ thoughts and imaginations are optimal because they will elicit additional content from their speech.

Listening Task

The best way to communicate with other people is to listen and to be listened to. And in order to see how well a student can listen, they have to sit in an audiovisual room where two audio clips are played in front of them to show them. You can listen to one of those audios as a speech, and the other one is more like a conversation. Play both audios twice before students. After they’ve listened to both, students will only be asked about the audios that were played. The audios will be played all at once and will not be repeated more than twice or paused in between, so the student needs to pay attention to the audios. Afterwards, the student must answer all of the questions correctly, but there will be no negative marks for wrong answers.

A series of questions will be asked to a student. Throughout the task, an audio clip will play. There will be four brief discussions in this clip about various topics such as the health benefits of chocolate, Indian tribes, and a trip to a particular location. Four distinct types of questions will be posed in response to these clips, one for each of the four discussions. The student must respond to all questions concurrently. The nature of the question now varies. They will, for instance, ask:

  • Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs)
  • Selecting from a group of statements the sentences that the speaker believes are correct
  • Select the proper sequence for the statements.
  • Use one or two words to fill in the blanks.
  • The speaker will repeat himself twice to allow you to double-check your responses.
  • I would recommend that you read the question paper once more before the audio clip begins.

Speaking Task

The speaking test is used to see how well the student can speak. The student will be required to present a topic in this task. You must select one from a list of possible topics that your teacher will provide prior to conducting the ASL. To make this task, the students are put together in groups that aren’t chosen by the teacher. Both students then have to write a speech on one of the topics that their school gives them. The students can choose their own topic, depending on how their school does things. The two students will each give a speech on the topic they have chosen, and then the examiner will ask them some general questions about what they have learned. The answers that the students will give will be kept in a file.

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The two students can also question each other about the things they have talked about. Following the conclusion of your speech, your partner will ask you 2-3 questions about the subject. And in a similar fashion, he will speak and you will question him/her about his/her subject. Clearly, you cannot both select the same one. You could discuss with your partner what questions he or she might ask in order to frame your response. It is sufficient to deliver a brief two-minute speech. Additionally, the teacher who will conduct this will ask both of you a question.

Following that, both of you would be presented with a general problem. You and your partner must demonstrate a common understanding of the issue and work together to find solutions. Additionally, the instructor will examine your responses. Usually, the teacher will assign these problems in advance to ensure that you are prepared with the solutions. Thus, your confidence, pronunciation, and other characteristics will be evaluated at the conclusion.

Listening and speaking are both important for good communication. Thus, the CBSE gives both tests the same weight, which is why. Students need to be taught from a young age that listening is as important as speaking because if you don’t know what the other person is going through, you can’t say the right thing. Taking these tests is the first step to a better personality and future for a child who takes them.

Some important Tips for ASL

Students should not rush through their speech and should maintain proper unnecessary poses with regular breathing. This will give them the appearance of being both confident and knowledgeable about their subject.

  • Students should maintain a consistent pronunciation and avoid fumbling or speaking incoherently.
  • The students’ content should be succinct, succinct, and clear, without being overly flowery or difficult to comprehend.
  • Students should be expressive and speak with appropriate vocal modulation. The tone of the speech should not be monotonous or dull.
  • While interrogating their opponent, students should ask insightful and one-of-a-kind questions about the topic.
  • Students should refrain from becoming defensive during the question and answer period, as this is a discussion, not a debate. They should attempt to maintain their composure as they respond to the questions.

Some of the best & the most popular ASL topics :

  1. Future of technology in India
  2. Sports and sportsmanship
  3. How to Become a Doctor?
  4. My Idea of Ideal India
  5. Health and fitness
  6. Ethics and Values
  7. Science and technology
  8. What You Miss During Lockdown
  9. Make in India campaign
  10. Tourism in India
  11. India is a land of great personalities
  12. Cricket team captains
  13. Responsibility of citizens  
  14. Mother Teresa
  15. Power cuts
  16. Pollution
  17. Martial Arts 
  18. Concepts and Methodologies of Teaching
  19. T.V. Shows
  20.   Music
  21. Standard of living
  22.   Compassion
  23. Respect to children 
  24. Your Possession
  25. Celebrity
  26. Memorable journey
  27. Need for celebrations
  28. Rapid increase in sale / purchase 
  29. Buildings
  30. Animals
  31. Newspaper, Mobile, Computers
  32. Good values
  33. Picnics, Outings
  34. Life in cities
  35. Environment
  36. Computers
  37. Natural disaster
  38. Saving mother earth
  39. Rapid urbanization 
  40. Effects of reading books 
  41. A craze among students
  42. Unidentified objects
  43. Sound physical fitness
  44. Crimes in students
  45. Empowering women
  46. Smart phones in school
  47. Terrorism in India
  48. Nature 
  49. Generation Gap
  50. Urging students to say no to plastics
  51. Competitions 
  52. Women are not fit for defense services 
  53. Exploitation of children in school
  54. The need to promote tourism in India
  55. Do something to come in limelight 
  56. Commercialization of education 
  57. Beggars
  58.   Corruption in India
  59. Views on ideal India
  60. Problem of piracy in India
  61. Poverty in India
  62. Censorship of films in India
  63. Digital India
  64. My dream for India
  65. TV viewing is harmful
  66. Advantages of leaving with grandparents 
  67. Traffic conjunction
  68. Coaching Institute support school teaching
  69. Clean & green country
  70. Child labour – a real abuse to human
  71. Hill station
  72. Peer pressure acts as a morale boost
  73. Metropolitan cities
  74. TV is better than books
  75. Plastic bags
  76. Environment
  77. Duties and Responsibilities of Citizens
  78. Qualities of a Good Leader
  79. Science and technology.
  80. Human resources.
  81. Child labour.
  82. Democracy.
  83. Possibility of World War 3
  84. Regulation of international trade
  85. Distribution of the commonwealth
  86. Global warming
  87. Inflation and recession
  88. Importance of Moral Education
  89. Women – Crime
  90. Education for all 
  91. Hatred 
  92. Is Grading system better than marks  
  93. Future
  94. The Importance of Descipline
  95. Environmental Degradation
  96. Wild Life and Our Responsibility
  97. The Pros and Cons of Online Education
  98. The Importance of Trees
  99. Environmental Pollution and its Control.
  100. LGBT rights
  101. The true idea of feminism
  102. Modern Education System
  103. Poverty in India
  104. Global Warming
  105. Religion should not be mixed with politics 
  106. Responsibilities and Government
  107. How we can promote literacy 
  108. Old culture
  109. Ethics
  110. Highlight Progress / Poverty / Crime
  111. National heritage
  112. The Changing Face of India
  113. Environment Conservation
  114. Sustainable Development
  115. Exam pressure on teenagers
  116. Handling peer pressure
  117. Drug abuse
  118. Educational Technology
  119. There is no life after death.
  120. TV adverts are not a work of art.
  121. Allow social media at school.
  122. Cash will be discontinued.
  123. Music has the power to heal.
  124. Old buildings must be preserved.
  125. There needs to be a one car per family rule.
  126. Marriage should only be allowed from age 25
  127. Parents home schooling their children should have to pass tests first.
  128. The Bermuda triangle is fact, not fiction.
  129. Medication doesn’t help hyper active children.
  130. Fake news circulation
  131. Plastic ban
  132. Lack of knowledge about our traditions and history
  133. It is possible to live without the internet.
  134. Leadership cannot be taught.
  135. Hard work vs smart work
  136. Generation gap
  137. Importance of Mental Health
  138. Overcoming fear
  139. Importance of reading books
  140. Importance of yoga in a students life
  141. Value of discipline
  142. The most memorable day of my life
  143. What if I were a millionaire
  144. Inspiration from great personalities
  145. Importance of time management
  146. Greatest inventors and their inventions
  147. A friend in need is a friend indeed
  148. Married couples should have affairs with each other.
  149. Businesses should not open on Sundays.
  150. Countries must have closed borders.
  151. Teenagers lack survival skills.
  152. Gadgets have restricted children’s imaginations.
  153. Virtual relationships will not survive in the real world.
  154. Modern art only requires ambition.
  155. Lie detector tests are a waste of time.
  156. Full moons do affect children’s behaviour.
  157. In the end opposites don’t actually attract.
  158. It’s not true forgiveness if it’s not forgotten.
  159. Technology makes people lonely.
  160. AIDA formula for advertising is too restrictive.
  161. Word of mouth will always remain the best form of advertising.
  162. The Only Dream of My Life
  163. Businesses social media accounts lack personality.
  164. Racism will never die out.
  165. No one is too old to go study.
  166. Sale leaflets don’t work.
  167. Whatsapp killed text messages.
  168. Impact of Bollywood Films.
  169. Clothes do influence how people react to you.
  170. Make 50 the cut out age to adopt.
  171. Having a will should be law.
  172. Fair trade isn’t really fair.
  173. Save water
  174. Climate change
  175. Environment conservation
  176. Save electricity
  177. Save environment
  178. Environment and its importance
  179. Consequences of Deforestation
  180. Essay on environment
  181. Sustainable development
  182. Problem of overpopulation
  183. Alternative sources of energy
  184. Sustainable management of natural resources
  185. Causes and Effects of Soil Errosion
  186. Preservation of wildlife
  187. Environment and Ecotechnology
  188. Working for bigger companies is better than working for smaller ones.
  189. America needs to stop interfering with other countries problems.
  190. Boarding schools are not beneficial to teens.
  191. Democracy is the best way to govern a country.
  192. Farmers should only farm organic foods.
  193. Reincarnation is real.
  194. Stress does not cause acne.
  195. Bottled water is not as safe as you think.
  196. Wild animals will never be tamed.
  197. Young teachers are the most enthusiastic teachers.
  198. Women are the better cooks.
  199. Adultery leads to happier marriages.
  200. Retirement age must depend on the industry.
  201. Advantages of Co-education
  202. Modern Education System
  203. Should the education system in independent or regulate with the government
  204. Merits and Demerits of Online Exams
  205. Curbing the distance between urban and rural schools
  206. The rat race of Competitive exams
  207. The death sentence is hypocritical.
  208. Nobody speaks English correctly.
  209. The Olympics is a dying sport.
  210. Environmental factors are the cause of cancer.
  211. Contact lenses are more effective than glasses.
  212. Rap is poetry, not music.
  213. Red wine is not good for your heart.
  214. Piracy is not stealing.
  215. Prostitution is never going away.
  216. Untidy people are more creative.
  217. Why companies should hire lazy people.
  218. High heels are bad for women.
  219. Anti rape nail polish won’t stop rapists.
  220. Do not rake leaves.
  221. Polygamy should be a personal choice.
  222. Guideline to drink 2L of water per day is wrong.
  223. Artificial Christmas trees are better than real ones.
  224. Coffee is a healthy food.
  225. Everyone does have a price.
  226. Hair dye does not cause cancer.
  227. If healthy food was cheaper, people would eat healthier.
  228. Headphones are damaging teenagers hearing.
  229. Prison doesn’t reform prisoners.
  230. Casinos should set limits for pensioners.
  231. Organic food isn’t better.
  232. Guardian angels are real.
  233. Humans should walk barefoot.
  234. Adoption process is too long at animal shelters.
  235. Depression is not a disease.
  236. Electric cars are going to harm the environment.
  237. Extreme premature babies must be saved.
  238. Coconut oil is unhealthy.
  239. Masturbation does not cause hair loss.
  240. Children have the right to know that they are adopted.
  241. Blood is thicker than water.
  242. Bumper stickers are dangerous.
  243. Pregnant teens must stay at school.
  244. Sons only belong to their families until they get married.
  245. Never give money to the homeless.
  246. Smacking children only teaches them violence.
  247. Children need to believe in magic.
  248. Brexit is a huge mistake.
  249. Psychics and mediums shouldn’t charge a fee.
  250. Pros and Cons of Advertisement
  251. Does Technology make us less human.
  252. Disaster Management in India.
  253. Electric vehicles in India.
  254. Plastic Ban: Economy or Environment?
  255. Media attention to sports: Cricket vs other sports
  256. Status of women in India
  257. Effects of video games on Children.
  258. The Impact of Social Media on the youngsters
  259. Who serves the country most – Teacher or the soldier?
  260. Animated Series spoil or entertain children?
  261. Gender equality in the work place

If you want to know about more popular topics, you can check out an awesome blog on ASL topics by Leverage Edu. I am sure you will find it useful. Good Luck!

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