Essay on Lizard

Lizards are a large group of reptiles. They are closely related to snakes. The smallest lizards are only a few inches or centimeters long. The largest lizards are the Komodo dragons of Indonesia. They grow up to 10 feet (3 meters) long.

Most lizards have four relatively short legs. Some lizards are legless and move much like snakes. Lizards also have long tails. Like other reptiles, lizards have tough, scaly skin. They are cold-blooded animals. The temperature of a cold-blooded animal changes with the temperature of its surroundings. As a result, lizards control their body temperature through behavior. Lizards warm up by basking the sun. They cool down by resting in the shade.

Most lizards live on the ground or in trees. Some climb trees with claws like a cat’s. Some have toes like suction cups. These lizards can even walk across ceilings and windows. Giant monitor lizards can swim well. Flying dragons can spread out folds of skin and glide from tree to tree. However, they cannot truly fly.

Some lizards escape from attackers by shedding their tails. The attacker gets the wiggling tail, while the lizard gets away. The lizard eventually grows a new tail. Other lizards hiss and lash their tails to scare off attackers. Some change color to blend with their surroundings and hide. A few, such as monitor lizards, are fierce fighters.

Most lizards eat insects and small animals. But a few lizards feed on plant matter. Most lizards lay eggs, but a few kinds give birth to live young.

Some kinds of lizards are in danger of dying out. Human beings threaten lizards mainly through hunting and destruction of the places where they live.

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