Whom, Whose and Who’s

“Whom,” “Whose” and “Who’s,” are confusing words. The problem with them is that it is hard to understand which word will be used for what. Now, to understand the uses of the above-mentioned words, there are certain things that you need to understand first.

Subject, Possessive and Object

The words “Whom,” “Whose” and “Who’s” make use of the “Subject,” “Possessive” and “Object” aspects.

Subject Pronoun

Subjects in a sentence do an action. Read the sentences to understand it better:

  • love reading.
  • She loves action movies.

Object Pronoun

Objects in a sentence receive an action. Read the following sentences to understand it better:

  • The teacher smiled at her.
  • I know her.

Possessive Forms

These forms are simple to understand. These forms show or tell us that something belongs to a specific person.

  • My notebook was stolen yesterday.
  • Her recipes are really amazing and easy.

Understanding Whom, Whose and Who’s


“Who’s” is simplest of all the words given above. The easiest way to understand this word is to expand it to “Who is” or to “who has.” The word “who” is a subject pronoun, which is always directed at a person and asks what action is being done.


  • Who’s been eating the candies?” the mother asked smiling.
  • I wonder who’s been assigned this topic for the recitation.
  • “I don’t know who’s coming to pick me tonight,” Anant thought.


“Whose” is used as a possessive form of “who.” Now, the easiest way to explain this is that this word is used to ask or to find out the which person does something belong to.

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  • Whose notebook is lying on the floor?” asked Ms. Taylor.
  • Whose voice is that?” asked the daughter.
  • “I need to go out, whose umbrella is this? Can I take it for a while?” she asked from the doorway.


This word, “whom,” is an object pronoun. It is used to express which person received the action, much like “her” and “him.”


  • Whom do you think; they’d choose as the captain of the soccer team?”
  • Whom will you take to the prom this weekend?” her friends asking
  • Whom would they call next?” the class wondered.

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