Tenses Worksheet

Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms.

1. I —————————- Malaysia last month.

a) Have visited
b) Had visited
c) Visited

2. I ——————————– waiting for his reply for two weeks now.

a) Have been
b) Am
c) Had been

3. I ———————– you.

a) Am believing
b) Believe
c) Have been believing

4. I ————————- to Mumbai about three times a month.

a) Go
b) Am going
c) Have gone

5. I —————————– to a lot of parties these days.

a) Go
b) Am going
c) Was going

6. I —————————- her since 1990.

a) Have known
b) Know
c) Am knowing

7. Come and see us next week if you —————————– through London.

a) Are passing
b) Will pass
c) Have passed

8. I ————————– there has been trouble down at the factory.

a) See
b) Am seeing
c) Have seen

9. The Rhine ————————- into the North Sea.

a) Runs
b) Running
c) Has run

10. I —————————– 72 kilos three months ago.

a) Was weighing
b) Weighed
c) Had weighed


1. Visited, 2. Have been, 3. Believe, 4. Go, 5. Am going, 6. Have known, 7. Are passing, 8. See, 9. Runs, 10. Weighed

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