Essay on Flood

Floods occur in rivers. Floods occur when a river becomes so full of water that it overflows its banks. During a flood, the normally dry area of the ground is submerged in water. Simply put, a flood is too much water in the “wrong” place. A flood is a dreadful natural calamity that destroys many people’s livelihoods by destroying their homes.

Floods usually develop over a few days when there is too many rains to fit in the rivers and the water overflows over the adjacent land (the “floodplain”). They can, however, occur very quickly when a large amount of heavy rainfall in a short period of time. These ‘flash floods’ occur with little or no notice and result in the greatest loss of life of any type of flooding.

Flooding can be quite dangerous; only 15cm of fast-flowing water is required to knock you off your feet! Floodwater may wreak havoc on public and private transportation by cutting off roads and railway lines, as well as communication linkages when telephone lines are damaged. Floods disturb typical drainage systems in cities, and sewage overflows are prevalent posing a severe health risk, coupled with standing water and moist things in the household. Bacteria, mould, and viruses cause disease, create allergic reactions, and continue to destroy things long after a flood. Thus, flooding not only affects many people’s lives every year, but it also regularly results in personal tragedies when people are swept away and perished.

Floods can disperse massive amounts of water and suspended silt over huge areas, replenishing agricultural regions with essential soil nutrients. In contrast, excessive amounts of rapidly flowing water can erode soil, spoiling crops, demolishing agricultural land/buildings, and drowning farm animals.

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The primary responsibility lies in the hands of the government to safeguard people and property from flooding by assisting organisations such as the police in issuing flood warnings so that people may make plans or leave the area if it is risky.

If trees are cut down on any mountainous side and there is nothing to hold the soil. Then a little rain can wash away a lot of soil but heavy rain can cause great damage by a flood. So we must not only preserve trees but also plant more and more trees.

The houses everywhere should be designed by considering the climatic topography. The people living near lakes and rivers should make their houses high from land to protect themselves from the flood and heavy rains.

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