Grass Words by Gopal Honnalgere

In this poem ‘grass’ is personified, and it is speaking to us. The grass contrasts itself, its life with the life of the human beings. Every stanza in this poem points out the weaknesses of human beings or the futility of what they do. At the same time, it shows how Grass fares better in comparison with them. This poem is a satire on human beings, their life and politics. The last line of the poem presages how some day, Grass shall win because it is lowly and works for goodness of others.

Grass Words

Summary of Grass Words

In this poem Grass is the speaker. But Grass represents the world of Nature. Grass is thus personified, speaking for the objects of Nature like a Glowworm or an earthworm. The poem contrasts human lives with the life of these objects of Nature, and in this comparison, the human beings do not fare well at all. Grass representing Nature claims to fare better and hopes to win in future. The poem satirizes human beings for their life of luxury, for their politics and their going against Nature.

Check Exercises ( Questions)

I . Complete the following statements choosing the correct alternative from the ones given below each:

1. Grass in the poem is used as a —–

a) simile b) a metaphor

c) a personification d) a metonymic expression

2. In this poem the grass represents —–

a) the meadows b) a glow worm

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c) the earth worm d) the nature

3. The glow worm is superior to the prophets because ——-

a) the prophets are human beings.

b) The glow of the glow worm is everlasting.

c) the aura around the prophets is like the glow of the glowworm.

d) the prophets are forgotten.

4. ‘Men gamble with the State’ suggests that ——-

a) men indulge in gambling

b) the State makes people gamble.

c) men take a chance that the State will govern better

d) men support the State.

Answer Key

  1. a) personification
  2. c) nature

  3. b) the glow of the glow worm is everlasting.

  4. c) men take a chance that the State will govern better.

II Answer the following questions in not more than one sentence each:

1. Who is speaking in the poem?
Answer: Grass (as a representative of nature) is speaking.

2. How do men suffer when they are working?
Answer: Men suffer working under the hot sun getting their skin burned.

3. How is Grass secure when there is an earthquake or flood?
Answer: Glowworm (the representative of Grass) is secure beneath the Earth when there is an earthquake.

4. How is Grass better in comparison with the bright neon signs?
Answer: The bright neon signs blow away in the storm, but Grass remains.

5. What kind of relationship is there between men and the State?
Answer: The relationship between the men and the State is like gambling in which nothing can be certain.

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