What is Pink?

Summary: This poem is written by Christina Rossetti. who was an English poet and author. She is well known for her fantasy poems for children.This poem is basically about different colours that we see in the nature. Here the poet is talking about pink colour compared with roses they grow by the edge of the fountain. The red colour is connected with ‘poppy’, which grows between the barley crops. Blue colour with the sky, where we can see the floating clouds. White colour is connected with swan which is sailing in the light.

The yellow colour with the sweet and juicy pears. The grass is green with small flowers which describes the greenery and beauty of the nature. We can also see the clouds violet at the time of sun set during summers. At the end of the poem orange colour is connected to the fruit ‘orange’.

What is Pink


1.Name the five colours mentioned in the poem.

A. The five colours mentioned in the poem are pink, red, blue, white and yellow.

2. What is the colour of the clouds in twilight?

A. The colour of clouds in twilight is violet.

3. Which fruit has the name of a colour?

A. Orange has the name of a colour.



  1. A rose is_______.

a. pink b. blue

  1. The swan is ___________.

a. blue b. white

  1. A poppy grows _________.
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a. by the fountain b. in the barley bed


  1. The rose grows by the fountain.
  2. The clouds float in the sky.

  3. The small flowers grow in the grass.

  4. The pears are yellow in colour.


  1. good a.old
  2. beautiful b.bad

  3. wet c.happy

  4. sad d.dry

  5. young e. ugly


1(b), 2(e), 3(d), 4(c), 5(a)

(F) Circle the correct spelling:

  1. choose chuse choos
  2. kitchen kichen kischen

  3. wach wotch watch

  4. bottil bottle bawttle

  5. simpl simpil simple

(G) Write the meanings of the given sentences:

  1. Full of light: bright
  2. Good to look at: beautiful

  3. Someone who does not like to work: lazy

  4. Someone who does not have much money: poor

  5. With nothing inside: empty

  6. Something that is not interesting: boring

  7. Full of juice: juicy

  8. something that makes you laugh: funny

(H) Choose the correct adjectives to fill in the blanks:

  1. My mother made this tasty dish. (bright/tasty)
  2. The rose is a lovely flower. (lovely/dark)

  3. The naughty children are making a lot of noise.


  1. Mintu was flying a yellow kite. (yellow/loud)

  2. Naki has a beautiful painting. (beautiful/tight)

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