The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Summary of The Road Not Taken
The poet was travelling alone in the yellow wood. He came to a point where the road was bifurcated into two. He could not decide which road to take. He was confused because he had to select one road only. He observed both the roads very carefully. He found that one road was grassy that means less used by the people. The other road was trodden by many people.

Finally, he decided to follow the grassy road which was not used earlier by the people. Thus, the poet faced the problem of making a choice. In his real life, Frost divided to make poetry his vocation in life, in 1912 after trying his hand in several trades. Later on, he was successful as a poet. Thus, the choice seemed very important to the poet. He, therefore, tells us.
“And that had made all the difference.”

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken is a poem which has been much praised by readers and the critics. It was published in 1916 in the volume of poems “Mountain Interval”. It is a personal lyric which records the personal experience of the poet.

This short, simple, poem conveys a very important message to the readers. The poet’s experience becomes symbolic of human experience in all ages.

Once, travelling alone in the woods, the poet stood at a point where two roads diverged. He felt confused in selecting the path. He could not travel both roads at the same time. So he chose the path that was less travelled and this choice had “made all the difference.” It was in 1912, that Frost took an important decision in his life. He decided to make poetry his vocation in life. For this purpose, he went to England with his family. His first volume of poems was published there and received high praise. With his reputation established, he returned to America. Then he was eminently successful as a poet. It was the choice the poet made which determined his destiny. Here, the poet suggests that timely and proper decisions have far-reaching and life long consequences in human life.


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