Plural Nouns in English language

You cannot conceive the many without the one. – Plato

Plural- consisting of, containing, or pertaining to more than one.

Most nouns can be singular or plural. To make a noun plural you usualy add s or es to the end of the word.

Things to watch out for

Words that end with the letter y usually change to ies to make it plural. For example: a fly becomes several flies.

The letter f can change to vies like one calf, two calves.

Some nouns take a bit of work to make them plural. Think of mice the plural of mouse.

Some nouns don’t plural at all… even if there is more than one! These are called mass nouns or noncountable nouns. Look for determiners like “more” or “less” to find these in a sentence. You can get a list of uncountable nouns here.

And just to throw extra complexity in, mass nouns can be pluralized if they are being treated as multiples of the object instead of a count of how many objects there are.

Many brands of coffees. You should have several types of wheats in your diet.

“Coffee” and “wheat” are usualy noncountable but because the reference is to more than one type of coffee or wheat this works. In other words, when mass nouns reference a class they can be plural.

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