History of English Note: Check answers at the end.Literature (1625 – 1660): Multiple Choice Questions

Note: Check answers at the end.

1)_______________The span of years covered by the Age of Milton is:
a) 1625-1660
b) 1550- 1630
c) 1600- 1660

2)  The Civil -war started in the year ___________  . 
a)  1640
b) 1642
c) 1660

3)  Which king was executed in the year 1649?
a) Charles I
b) Charles II
c) James I

4) The entire period of Puritan is covered by the dominance of _______war.
a) I World
b) Civil
c) II World

5) Age of Milton saw decline from the__________  standards.
a) Elizabethan
b) Victorian
c) Classical

6) There is a marked decay in ___________writing during this age.
a) Poetry
b) Prose
c) Drama

7) Age of Milton saw remarkable increase in ______________.
a) Poetry
b) Drama
c) Prose

8) All Metaphysical poets were ___________.
a) Didactic
b) Religious
c) Cynical

9) Milton wrote most of his prose during his________years of life.
a) middle
b) early
c) last 

10) Milton wrote _________ number of Pamphlets.
a) 22
b) 25
c) 24

11) Milton wrote _______ number of pamphlets on his bitter experience in marriage.
a) 2
b) 1
c) 3

12) Milton’s ______ is based on his plea for the liberty of Press.
a) Of Education
b) Areopagitica
c) Defence of the execution.

13) Milton composed _________  during his stay in Horton.
a) L’Allegro
b) Of Education
c) Paradise Lost

14)__________  is one of the longish poems in octosyllabic couplet of Milton.
a) Il Penseroso
b) Areopagitica
c) Lycidas

15) _________   is a masque containing beautiful blank verses.
a) Paradise Lost
b) Comus
c) On Shakespeare

16) ____________  is one of the best sonnet of Milton.
a) L’Allegro
b) Comus
c) On his Blindness

17) _____________was divided into ten books and then into twelve.
a) Lycidas
b) Samson Agonsites
c) Paradise Lost

18) Lycidas is an elegy on the death of his friend ________.
a) Cromwell I
b) Edward King
c) King Arthur

19) The form of Lycidas is __________ .
a) descriptive
b) pastoral
c) romantic  

20) In the year _________  Milton’s eye sight started failing.
a) 1660
b) 1662
c) 1661

21)  Milton died in the year __________. 
a) 1670
b) 1672
c) 1674 

22) Milton was appointed _______ for Foreign Tongues.
a) President
b) Secretary
c) Vice- president

23) Donne’s parents were _____________.
a) Roman Catholic
b) Anglican
c) Protestant

24) Donne’s works were published _____________.
a) after his death
b) during his early years
c) after his marriage 25 Donne had a  .

25) Donne had a ______________.
a) arranged marriage
b) runaway marriage
c) church marriage

26) In _____after a severe personal struggle, Donne entered Anglican Church.
a) 1615
b) 1610
c) 1614

27) In 1621 he became _________ of St. Paul’s Anglican Church.
a) President
b) Dean
c) Member

28)  ________was the first Anglican Preacher.
a) Donne
b) Herbert
c) Marvell

29) Donne revolted against the conventions of the followers of  .
a) Drayton
b) Spenser
c) Chaucer 

30) Donne’s greatest religious poem is  ____________.
a) The Extasie
b) Holy Sonnets
c) Of the Progress of the Soule

31) ‘A Hymn to GOD THE FATHER’ is Donne’s tribute to his _________ 
a) mother
b )  father
c) wife

32) Who said this for Donne ‘He affects the metaphysics’ ___________.
a) Jonson
b) Dryden
c) Milton

33) The most distinctive feature of the metaphysical poets is their _______
a) lyric
b) imagery
c) philosophy

34) Donne’s _______ is a satire upon Ignatius Loyala and the Jesuits.
a) Devotions
b) Ignatius His Conclave
c) The Pseudo-Martyr

35) Donne wrote ____ number of sermons.
a) 160
b) 180
c) 165

36) Death’s Duell is one of the best ______  of Donne.
a) Sermon
b) Prose
c) Poem

37)The term ‘metaphysical’ was first used for the poets Cowley and Donne by
a) Pope
b) Dryden
c ) Dr Johnson

38) Metaphysical poetry depends largely on the use of ____________.
a) Recitations
b) Conceits
c) Imagery

39) ______   was known as the saint of the metaphysical school of poets.
a) George Herbert
b) Andrew Marvell
c) Donne

40)  George Herbert was appointed fellow and reader in_________.
a) 1629
b) 1620
c) 1630

41) George Herbert’s _______  shows his zeal for the church of England and concern with practical theology.
a) To his Coy Mistress
b) The Collar
c) The Temple

42) Andrew Marvell was a tutor to the daughter of_________ .
a) Lord John
b) Lord Foxfair
c) Lord Fairfox

43) ________ assisted Milton in his duties as secretary for Foreign Tongues.
a) George Herbert
b) Andrew Marvell
c) Donne

44) ________ loved Nature and the freshness of gardens in his work.
a) Milton
b) George Herbert
c) Andrew Marvell

45) To his Coy Mistress is written by ____________.
a) George Herbert
b) Andrew Marvell
c) Donne

46) The theme of the Song: “ Goe and Catche a Falling Stare is___inconstancy.
a) Man’s 
b) Woman’s 
c) Parents’

47) In the poem________Donne breaks away from the Petrarchan tradition of woman –worship.
a) The Good -Marrow 
b) The Sunne Rising
c) Song: Goe and Catche a Falling Starre

48)  _______ is a didactic poem of George Herbert.
a) Love (III)
b) Virtue 
c) Hunter

49) Which word is repeatedly used in the third stanza in the poem “ Virtue”?
a) Sweet
b) Music
c) Spring

50) In the last lines of the poem Virtue, Herbert metaphorically compares a  to the virtuous Soul.
a) Seasonal flower
b) Seasoned timber
c) Seasonal food

51) In the poem To His Coy Mistress, Marvell refers to 2 rivers. Name them.
a) Ganges and Thames 
b) Ganges and Humber
c) Ganges and Brooklyn

52) In the first stanza, the speaker tells the mistress that if they had more _____   than her “ coyness” wouldn’t be a crime.
a) Time
b) Money 
c) job

53) What does the poet mean by “ Time’s winged Chariot”?
a) Quick passing of time nearing death
b) bird passing in speed 
c) Chariot ride 


1. A   2. B   3.  A  4.  B  5.  B  6.  A  7.  C  8.  B   9.  A  10.  B 
11. A 12. B  13.  A  14.  A   15.   B  16.  C  17.  C  18.  B  19.  B  20. A 
21.  C  22.  A  23.  A  24.  B  25.  B  26.  A  27.  B 28.  A  29. B  30.  A 
31.  B 32.  B  33.  B  34.  C  35.  B  36.  A  37.  C  38.  B  39.   A   40. C 
41.  C  42.  B  43.  B  44.  C  45.  B 46.  B  47.  C  48.  B  49. A  50. B 
51.  B  52.  A  53. A 

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