Beauty John Edward Masefield By Shaheen Ahmad Dar


Line 1 and 2

The poet says that he has seen dawn & dusk on moors and windy hills which bestow great happiness & satisfaction like wonderful tunes of Spain.

The speaker makes the readers to understand the great happiness that he feels with the arrival of his beloved by comparing this to wonderful music.

Line 3 and 4

The poet says that he has seen Spring brings the daffodils, fresh grass and soft warm April rain.

He says that he has heard the song of Blossoms & the chant of the sea.

Besides, he has witnessed the surprising lands from under arched sails of ships.

Ending lines

The poet’s focus shifts from natural beauty to the beauty of a woman. The poet says that the loveliest things that God has ever shown to him are his beloved’s voice, her attractive hair and dear red curve of her lips.👄

The poet alludes to touching the crimson lips where from he forgets all other beauties.

Poetic Devices


  • Seen Sunset
  • Solemn Spain


  • Slow Old
  • Song of Blossoms


  • I have seen the lady April bringing daffodils/ brings the springing grass & the soft warm April


  • Lady April bringing daffodils,
  • brings springing grass
  • Song of Blossoms
  • Chant of the sea


  • Coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of Spain

Rhyme Scheme


Types of beauty in the poem

  • Natural beauty
  • Musical beauty
  • Beauty of woman

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