Plot Summary of Who Is Frances Rain


In the beginning of Who Is Frances Rain?, Lizzie was on her way to her Grandmother’s cabin for the summer. Her father had left her mother before. Her mother started to date another man without the children knowing, then quickly married him. Now Toothy Tim (the new stepfather) and her mother joined Lizzie, Evan and Erica to go to the cabin. Tim thought that this would bring the family together, even if the children resented him.

Who Is Frances Rain? by Margaret Buffie

Lizzie is a fifteen-year-old girl, who spends her summer at her grandmother’s cottage. Unfortunately, this specific summer is not what she expected. And when her mother and new stepfather come along, everything is turned for the worse. To get away from the tension she decides to explore Rain Island, which has been forbidden for the past summers. As she finds parts of a forgotten cabin and a pair of spectacles, she slowly uncovers her family’s history. How will this summer change her life and why is she chosen? One question still remains: Who Is Frances Rain?

Rising Action

At the cottage, Lizzie decides to explore Rain Island and make that place her getaway from Tim, Evan and her mother.

After getting a close encounter with what seemed like a spirit, she decides to dig up the ruins of a cabin. She finds a pair of spectacles, with which she can see the people that have lived on Rain Island before. She plans to investigate the island, even if it gives her head aches.

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Also, Alex, was a pain the last time she saw him. Now she feels some kind of attraction to him (which she does not want to admit). So when she found out that Alex already knew about Rain Island, they admitted their feelings and kissed.


After learning a bit more about the ghosts, from people and investigating them, she finds out who they really are (Frances and Teresa). Then, one night, when she wakes up, she feels a presence. She puts on the spectacles, which seemed to move, that were on her bedstead. There was Frances and the girl sitting on her bed. After Frances makes a few gestures to Rain Island, Lizzie suspects that she has to go there tomorrow.

Falling Action

As Lizzie goes there she finds out that the girl is taken away by a man who turned out to be Teresa’s grandfather, while Frances left to change living areas. Teresa wanted to give a present to Frances, but her grandfather disagreed and hit her. So he kicked her into a sharp edge of rocks and took her away without telling Frances. Lizzie found Alex and they both went to find the present. When they did, they discovered that the present was a sketchbook diary of the days she spent there. Lizzie decides that she has to show that to Frances and to Frances’ daughter Gran.


Lizzie puts on the spectacles and finds Frances sitting in her chair which seemed like a few years after Teresa left. So Lizzie gives the gift to Frances, which shows her how much Teresa enjoyed being there, which Frances thought she did not. After Frances returns the gift, Lizzie shows it to Gran, not telling her about the Rain Island ghosts. Gran gives Lizzie Frances’ signet ring.

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Then, everything goes back to normal, but memories still remain.

Reactions to Characters in Who Is Frances Rain

The Character I Liked Most In Who Is Frances Rain:

In the novel Who Is Frances Rain?, I especially liked Gran, a.k.a. Teresa, who turned out to be the little sick girl with Frances Rain.

The qualities I liked most about her were how she made Lizzie feel so much better, and how she was so calm and down-to-earth when things got tough. I also liked that she has a very strong soul, which you can notice because of how she battled the sickness, and was always positive about the situation.

She and I are a bit alike; we both are creative and love drawing (when Gran was with Frances she drew a sketchbook for her, and I have a sketchbook). We have different personalities, Gran is down-to-earth, when I am not, I believe in ghosts, spirits and anything else that is supernatural.

For these reasons and more, I liked Gran the most from all of the characters of Who Is Frances Rain?

Character I Liked Least In Who Is Frances Rain:

In the novel Who Is Frances Rain?, I liked Evan the least.

From the beginning I noticed that he is not a kind of person many people would choose as their favourite. I did not like Evan because he does not care about any one’s feelings. From the start, he got away doing bad things without punishment. He is obnoxious.

He and I are not really alike, but we both want to get in other people’s business. I would not take it as far as he does (he tried to make Tim leave). We are different because I would care if I hurt a person’s feelings, and I would try to make it better.

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For these reasons and more I like Evan the least out of all the other characters.

Critical Review

I believe that this book is very unique. It is not what a person would normally read and it is realistic and supernatural.

As I was reading it, I felt more and more tempted to finish it in one day. I especially liked how well the author described every character and scene in the book. I also was fond of how in the most exciting moments of the novel, I felt that I was there seeing it with my own eyes.

This book kept making me guess every moment. I could never predict the next event. I enjoyed how this novel is made for every person: people who believe in spirits, like me and people who do not.

I loved the style and , I think, it is very upbeat, interesting, exciting and descriptive.

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